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Customer Support

As much as 20 percent of all cash access transactions require live customer support, and much of that support is for non-English speaking customers. GCA is the only cash access supplier offering support in 150 languages, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from our Las Vegas call center. Our staff of over 100 agents and 15 supervisors not only answers millions of calls annually, but also they deliver an average 20 percent increase in approved transactions to casinos. This means more cash on the gaming floor and in turn, increased gaming revenue to you.

Our team of experienced field Account Managers maintains a regular service schedule to identify and avoid trouble spots before they impact your business. They’re also fully equipped and ready for a quick response when a machine requires service or attention. All of our technicians are specially trained to ensure a smooth transition when casino customers upgrade existing GCA products or add new ones.

GCA has unmatched infrastructure so no data is ever lost. In fact, we’ve been able to consistently maintain approximately 99 percent data center uptime. Plus our redundant, fault-tolerant data centers in Las Vegas and Houston operate on independent telecom and power grids. And because both centers are capable of handling all the volume, each acts as a back up in real time.

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