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GCA Digital Wallet

GCA is dedicated to the creation of a cashless gaming floor and the reduction of cash handling costs and is now helping you to usher in the next phase of cashless solutions to enable greater interactivity, enhanced player recognition and targeted dynamic promotions.

The first online gaming monetization solution in the US

GCA Digital Wallet Casino iGaming Solutions

This all-encompassing wallet is designed to seamlessly integrate with GCA’s existing network, call center, kiosks and Cash Club software and will help bridge the gap between online and on-site play.  As the industry trends toward greater integration and server-based gaming experiences, this product becomes critical for staying competitive and growing a customer’s value.  The fully compliant GCA Digital Wallet solution will manage multiple currencies including virtual currencies, reward offers, loyalty points and real world currencies.

The GCA Digital Wallet will deliver three primary products; a payment wallet for gaming sites, a GCA Digital Wallet and a Private Label gaming wallet for large operators.

Payment Wallet

The GCA Payment Wallet is an easy to integrate way to process straight through payments for all forms of iGaming. The customizable UI provides a quick to market solution for debit card, credit card and ACH transactions.

Gaming Wallet

A GCA Digital Wallet allows for a single source of funding gaming accounts through credit card, debit card and ACH transactions. Your patrons are able to securely store card and bank information, manage velocity limits and responsible gaming features, as well as withdrawal funds.

Private Label Wallet

Innovative casino iGaming solutions from GCA provide you and your customers the features you want. With this GCA hosted solution, a fully customizable wallet will facilitate play and increase velocity at all of your properties and offer your customers a single, enterprise-wide wallet to use anywhere on your property.

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