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Central Credit

Since 1956 we’ve been boosting your casino cage efficiency — and the credit or marker decision-making process itself—through Central Credit. As the leading gaming patron credit bureau in the world, Central Credit makes decades of gaming credit history and gaming transaction data on millions of casino patrons available for your consideration in extending casino credit. Through a private data network, you can obtain social security number verification, credit reports, bank ratings, real-time updates on marker activity, and even derogatory information.

Central Credit is the only credit bureau exclusively focused on the gaming patrons, and our service facilitates the casino credit issuing process and stretches limits. We are the only operation providing real-time updates to your patrons’ gaming credit history ensuring the most up-to-date gaming transaction data. We maintain a database for payroll and personal checks cashed in casinos.  In addition, Central Credit notifies casinos of any illegal, suspicious or derogatory activity such as stolen purses, patrons cashing on closed accounts or businesses that have outstanding bad checks. It's the ultimate in casino credit decision-making products.

The gaming credit history and gaming transaction data Central Credit provides is essential to a casino's successful operation. Our customers receive 24 hours, 7 day a week, support via the Central Credit Call Center. 

Credit Bureau Reports

Central Credit has established a communication link through its computer system with the following consumer credit bureaus:

  • Experian (EXP)
  • Trans Union (TUC)

We conform to the strictest governmental regulations, including the Federal Fair Credit Act (FCRA) and Gramm Leach Bliley Act (consumer privacy) ensuring we maintain our Consumer Credit reporting status.

Check Warranty

GCA’s Casino Check Warranty Services lets us cash more checks for larger amounts. In fact, we’ve combined our Central Credit file with standard credit rating services and casino check verification to provide our casino clients with the only check-guaranteeing product for the entire gaming industry.

Central Credit is also designed to collect on delinquent checks. We believe that accepting a loss on a small percentage of checks in order to put more cash on the casino floor is a worthwhile endeavor. So we take this additional risk to ensure that you enjoy a bigger win.

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