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The TableXchange device connects table games to a casino’s existing TITO network allowing for scanning and printing TITO vouchers. This technology creates a common currency across the casino, creates a bridge between slots and tables, and helps casinos identify valuable crossover players. The TableXchange device further streamlines casino operations by virtually eliminating the need to replenish chips at table games.

To buy in, the player gives a TITO voucher to the dealer. The TableXchange device scans and displays the voucher value on the device’s LCD and touchscreens, allowing the player, dealer, and security operations to confirm the voucher amount. The player then receives chips and a TITO voucher for any cash balance. To cash out, the dealer simply collects and enters the value of the player’s chips on the numeric keypad. The TableXchange device then prints a cashout voucher for the player and a receipt ticket for the drop box.

The TableXchange device is also fitted with a Magstripe reader to record and update Player’s Club Cards, enabling players to receive loyalty points for activity at table games. In addition, the TableXchange device provides a variety of administrative interface features to assist the dealer. These functions include a numeric keypad and touch screen with currency type, table-limit selection, manual printer controls and the ability to print promotional coupons and audit reports on demand. TableXchange combines all these features, providing the most efficient and customer-focused gaming payment solutions.

Common Currency Across the Casino Floor

  • Prints and Scans TITO Vouchers at Table Games
  • Scans Magnetic Cards at Table Games
  • Connects Table Games to Existing TITO Networks

Streamlined Casino Operations

  • Reduces the Need to Replenish Chips at Table Games
  • Eases TITO Cashing Traffic at the Cashiers Window
  • Allows unattended kiosk to handle table game cash out transactions
  • Identifies Crossover Play

Flexible Integration

  • Designed for Both Legacy and New Table Games
  • Ethernet Interface
  • USB Upgrade Port
  • Tabletop Mount Option
  • Pole Mount Player Display
  • Extended Player Display optional

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