7 Secrets To Building Powerful Backlinks With Content Marketing

Everyone knows how important it is for businesses to rank on top of the search results. 

Simply speaking, if you are not there, you cannot expect to get potential customers to your website and reach your growth targets.

And when it comes to achieving these goals, you need to build high-quality backlinks for your website. 

When quality links point to a particular site, they pass trust signals to search engines. 

Further, they indicate that the site has valuable information for the users. Obviously, search engines are happy to have such a site on top rankings.

Now it is clear that you need powerful backlinks if you want your website to win the SEO game. 

The next concern would be about the best measures to build such quality links and this is where content marketing emerges as the most effective tactic. 

No wonder, brands, and businesses are keen to go the extra mile for producing quality content and having it published on relevant, authoritative sources. 

So what do you need to ace the content marketing game? Great content, of course! 

Let us share some secrets to creating high power content that gets you valuable backlinks.

1. Invest in Amazing Guest Posts

To begin with the basics, no link building campaign can succeed without guest posting. 

Unless you have the most amazing guest posts on the authoritative sites and blogs in your niche, you will not be able to have a strong backlink profile. 

So the first thing you need to do is to identify the influencers in your niche, reach out to them and pitch them with engaging topics for guest posts. 

Keep trying until you convince them and create incredible pieces of content for guest posting once they are ready to publish your posts. 

All the hard work is worthwhile because you get a value-adding backlink once the post is published on an authority blog.

2. Capitalize on Trending Topics


Another smart way to create high-value backlinks with quality content is by capitalizing on trending topics. 

Obviously, anything that is trending is likely to be searched by the audience. If you already have a content piece live on such a topic, you are bound to get a winning edge over the competitors. 

Connecting the trending topic with your core offerings is a good idea because it fuels up the relevance of the content and makes it better from the search ranking perspective. 

You can get started by looking for trending keywords and topics and weaving informative content pieces around them. 

3. Win With Newsjacking

Think beyond the conventional and weave an engaging content piece around a specific news story that is making it big right now. 

Newsjacking is a great opportunity to capitalize on, provided that you are able to find a story that is relevant to your niche and has juicy information. 

The best part is that you can leverage the content for earning numerous links as anything that is buzzing is link-worthy. 

While bloggers would be happy to link with such pieces, the common audience may actually share it across their social profiles as well. So you end up getting more than you expected! 

4. Create In-Depth Guides 

Another effective measure for acing the backlink game is by creating in-depth guides that serve real value for the users. 

Authority websites are often keen about linking to the sources that offer facts and statistical data, explain best practices and deliver an authoritative stance on a specific topic. 

For this reason, including in-depth content forms such as guides in your SEO backlink strategy makes sense. 

By creating guides that dig deep into specific topics, you build resources that the audience would love and publishers would be happy to have on their sites.

5. Write How-To Resources 

marketing for business

Like in-depth guides, how-to resources make another good way to earn valuable and sustainable backlinks for your website. 

Look for evergreen information that appeals to both publishers and readers. 

One thing that you need to ensure while creating how-to resources is to make them easy and simple to understand. 

This can be done with a step-by-step guide for explaining processes. Anything that solves a pain point or teaches something is considered user-friendly. 

Since search engines prioritize user-friendliness as a ranking factor, the link is bound to get you on top of search rankings. 

Moreover, you can expect users and influencers to share it as well.

6. Leverage New and Original Data

The internet offers a massive amount of information and you need to give something extra special to stand apart. 

Anything that is new and original definitely gives you a head start and makes your content extremely link-worthy. 

While such pieces have the engagement value for the readers, publishers too are happy to share any data that is new and interesting. 

If you have unique statistics or facts to share, they will definitely link back to your piece as the source of the information. 

Obviously, this is a smart way to earn a high-value backlink without a lot of hard work. 

However, you need to make sure that the facts and stats you mention are genuine and credible.

7. Don’t Forget The Power of Long-Form Content

Last but not the least, you cannot ignore the value of long-form content when it comes to creating a successful content marketing strategy. 

Extensive, extremely thorough pieces have better odds of getting quality backlinks from trusted sources. 

Any article that crosses the thousand-word threshold and contains rich information is great from this perspective. 

You can add more spice by including features such as charts, graphs, and images that make the content more illustrative and reader-friendly. 

You will notice that longer and richer pieces get more shares as compared to ones that are shorter. 

Obviously, you gain both, number and quality of backlinks with such an approach.

The Bottomline… 

types of marketing

Without any doubt, quality content is the catalyst that fuels a successful backlink building plan. 

Building low and mediocre quality links is a sheer waste of time and will just add to numbers. 

Rather, you need to think beyond the ordinary and be very selective about the backlinks you build. 

A smart content strategy can be a game-changer and these ideas can make all the difference in this context. 


Investing Tips for the Freelance Millennial

Freelancing is an increasingly popular way to earn a living among millennials. 

It’s a deviation from the standard 9 to 5 office schedule. Freelancers can use their talents in coding, graphic design, or writing to bring in extra cash on a job-by-job basis. 

However, as glamorous as freelancing can sound, the financial side of it can be intimidating. When you’re considering what investments to make as a freelancer, it’s best to stay on the safe side with options like GICs.

Here, we’ll offer some responsible investing choices that millennials can make as self-employed agents. 

The Rise of Freelancer Gigs

Hubstaff Talent states that there are around 2.7 million freelancers in Canada. This number makes up 15% of the Canadian workforce and represents a drastic spike from the last decade. 

Some freelancers focus solely on securing gigs, while others pick up work alongside a part- or full-time job. 

In any case, freelancers can choose which jobs they take on without being tied down by contracts. They are free to work from wherever they want to as long as they, in most cases, have a reliable internet connection.

Why Invest?

Freelancers don’t receive a set income, so cash flow may often be the primary concern for many of them. Millennials also have a lot more debt than previous generations.

Even with income that isn’t guaranteed, you still need to make responsible financial decisions and set money aside for your future. 

This situation is where investment becomes an attractive way to improve cash flow.

How to Invest Wisely

Even as a freelancer, you have options for investments that will generate the best returns. Here’s how to invest wisely:

1. Lower Your Yearly Taxes with an RRSP

If you’re looking to lower your taxes at the end of the year, consider making contributions to a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP).

Any contributions you make to your RRSP will be a deduction from your income, which means a delay in the taxes on your RRSP investments.

You’ll earn tax-free investment income on all of your contributions. Because you’ll likely be in a lower tax bracket when you retire, this type of tax deferral will offer you significant savings. 

2. Play It Safe with a Guaranteed Investment Certificate

A Guaranteed Investment Certificate, or a GIC, is a safe way to invest your money as a freelancer. It’s low risk, as you have a guarantee to receive your initial investment amount back after your GIC matures.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding if a GIC is right for you:

  • Minimum amount: To get started with a GIC, you’ll need a minimum of $500.
  • Initial fees: GICs are cost-effective, as you won’t face any charges when you purchase one.
  • Maturity date: A majority of GICs pay a fixed interest rate over a set period, such as six months, one year, two years, or five years. Your interest rate will be higher if you select a more extended period.
  • Penalties: If you withdraw your money from a GIC before the maturity date, you may pay the penalty. 

3. Diversify Your Investments with Mutual Funds

Mutual funds let you diversify your investments without putting your hard-earned money at risk.

When you purchase one, you are investing in a large group of assets like stocks and bonds. Mutual funds are under professional management, so you can rest assured that an expert is working hard to earn you a profit.

These funds often require a minimum of $500, but some brokers will waive their minimum amounts if you agree to make monthly contributions. This option is a great way to add some consistency to your financial goals!

The Takeaway

If your income fluctuates as a millennial freelancer, consider these safe investing options. They are ways to get started and won’t leave you exposed to the volatile side of investing. 


Best Online Promotional Strategies That New Entrepreneurs Can Rely On

With the growing popularity of the internet as a marketing channel, businesses realize the need for realigning their promotional strategies. 

New entrepreneurs, in particular, have to go the extra mile with their marketing plans right from day one. 

The idea is to identify the relevant set of tactics that deliver effective results while being affordable. 

Of course, you need a website to start with and a proper search engine optimization strategy so that your site gets the visibility it must have.

 But what really matters now is to move beyond the basics so that you can give your business a kick start. 

Here are some innovative ways in which new entrepreneurs can promote their brands in the current landscape. 

Invest in Content Marketing 


Content marketing can be the key differentiator when it comes to promoting your business during the initial phase. 

Rather than following a traditional approach, invest in diverse content assets. 

Experts at outreach monks link building companies highlight the significance of guest posting in this context. 

Informative and high-quality guest posts are valuable assets as they have the potential to engage the audience and enrich your backlink profile too.

Focus on Personal Branding

When it comes to promoting your business these days, your focus should be on building lasting relationships with the customers rather than just selling now.

Lasting relationships encourage returning customers that are more important than one-time buyers. 

Personal branding is the right approach because people want to know your brand as a person rather than a business. 

Having a strong social profile, connecting with people, attending events and engaging with your followers in social media goes a long way in consolidating your personal branding.

Reach out with personalized emails

Winning the customers in such a competitive landscape is all about approaching them in a personalized way. 

This is best done by having a smart email marketing plan in place. The great thing about email marketing is that it costs practically nothing but has astounding potential for ROI. 

You just need to create a database from your existing customer base and social media followers and start sending them engaging emails with personalized messages. 

They will surely turn up sooner or later. 

Leverage the potential of influencers

Collaborating with niche influencers is another smart way to get a head start for your business. 

For starters, you can choose an agency out of this list of top 15 link building services to help you identify the influencers within your industry. 

Onboard a provider you can trust to connect you with the leading influencers in your domain. 

They will ensure that you get your guest posts published on influencer blogs and get quality backlinks and relevant traffic as well. 

Moreover, being recommended by an influencer gets trust and credibility for your brand.


Teaming up the conventional promotional strategies with these innovative ideas can unlock immense potential for your new business. 

The best thing is that the implementation of all these strategies does not require you to spend a fortune, which is something vital for a new entrepreneur.


The Challenges Every Entrepreneur Must Know

The majority of people covet venturing into the business world with the belief there are lots of benefits, including independence and financial liberation. 

Frankly, it is not a sector that you can just wake up and decide to venture in. 

Not to scare you, but you ought to know that business has its share of challenges and requires grit to thrive. 

Research has shown that many new startups are cropping up, but many will die owing to the complexity of the business environment. 

Now, let’s look at some challenges that every budding entrepreneur should know earlier and be ready to tackle. 


Unhealthy Competition

One of the significant challenges faced by startups is fierce competition. 

You are likely entering into a market that has got notable players already, so you are disadvantaged before it even begins. 

The only way a new business can beat the competition is differentiation in terms of products or the services on offer. 

You should also have to have excellent and economical marketing strategies. 

This way, your business can gain the recognition needed in the market and also make its presence felt. 

Unrealistic Ambitions

Most entrepreneurs are usually very optimistic about the returns from the company as they delve into a new business. 

The expectations sometimes are very high, which may not be the reality on the ground. 

You may start a business and expect to make profits after about three months or expand to other branches after a year. 

However, the company might take an extended period just to break even. It might take more than a year before a business begins to make a profit depending on the niche. 

This is the time you need to understand that sustainability is critical and comes with consistency and vision of the business. 

It is thus essential that you have realistic expectations and be open-minded as you venture into a new business. 

IT Security

The world has now embraced technology in everything, including business operations. 

Services and products are now delivered with the aid of evolving technology, a feat that enhances efficiency. 

However, there are challenges to the use of technology. The biggest one is cybersecurity threats!

Attackers find startups vulnerable, given they don’t have proper defense resources. 

Thus, they might take advantage of the loopholes to strike. They can access employee’s information, bank accounts, confidential customer information, and records, etc. 

Yes, cyber-attacks can destroy a business before it even becomes stable. 

You can only survive as a startup if you can safeguard your business against cybercriminals, albeit on a tight budget. 

For example, you can outsource IT experts that can help protect your business.

You should also modernize your IT with the help of these experts in a way that gives your business a better chance of competing and surviving adversity. 

You don’t want a security breach to destroy your business as it has done to many startups around the world. 

Winning The Trust of The Customers

You are in business because of the customer. In other words, you need to convert more customers to grow. 

Well, one of the biggest challenges that startups face is winning the customer’s confidence and trust. 

Winning the two factors creates loyalty to the market and therefore ensures the sustainability of the business.  

One satisfied customer can be an ambassador of the company by word of mouth, resulting in the success of the business. 

On the flip side, one dissatisfied customer can create a negative effect on the business, which will directly affect sales. 

To win the trust, you have to be sensitive to customer’s needs, accept feedback, and continually work to improve products to suit the needs of the customer.


Running a business requires finances. It’s the blood of any business. 

The bigger companies might not have the finance issues since they might rely on savings, or proceeds from other established businesses. 

For any new business, things are pretty much different. Most startups have limited finances options such as investors, but it also takes intensive networking to find them. 

Additionally, new businesses do struggle due to a lack of experienced and reliable financial management strategies

In this regard, budding entrepreneurs need to be keen on financial matters, perhaps even seeking professional opinion and financial support. 


One of the most critical components in business is decision making. 

It is vital since a right decision can result in the success of the company, while a bad one can lead to failure and even closure. 

These decisions entail things like the choice of partners, products, and finances, etc. As a new entrepreneur, you must be prepared to make the hard and critical decisions in the business. 

Again, learn to take time to analyze the situation and seek expert opinion where you can.


keep your business insured

If you are a budding or aspiring entrepreneur, you should be prepared to face the hurdles. 

Be ready to handle challenges such as finances, IT security, winning new customers, and competition from the big companies, and so much more. 

You need to have a sound business plan, a business acumen, plus you ought to seek professional opinions and advice in matters such as IT, law, finances, taxes, and the likes. 

This will help you turn your startup into a success!

Trading: How it Can Be Made Secure?

Have you ever wondered why many new traders end up losing money and quitting the market? 

That can be due to a lot of reasons, such as lack of experience or a strategy. But above all, that’s because they are not aware of the safe and secure ways to trade. 

When we use the word ‘secure’, we don’t just mean the right strategies and skill, but we also refer to being safe from scammers who are out there to get your money in any way they can.

While many of the traders end up quitting and losing their money, others continue to make good bucks and explore new opportunities. 

When you have some hard-earned capital at hand, you want to invest it in the most intelligent ways. 

If simply put, it requires some shrewdness, wisdom, as well as the right amount of caution to stand-out from the rest as a successful trader.

If you are beginning to put your money in the stocks or forex, make sure you read the following details carefully to make the most of your trading endeavors, securely. 

So, let’s begin.

Look for Authentic Stocks

Regardless of how lucrative a particular stock may seem, you should always make efforts to validate its details. 

To do so, you may carry-out extensive and thorough research, such as through online resources or seek advice from a trading expert. 

Some people call for being cautious about an IQ Option scam, but it is rather a platform to assist you with trading. 

If you want to make a quick check, then check the stock’s credentials, their background and history including the statistics of their progress, and whether they have any online links to provide this information. 

Also, it isn’t a bad idea to ask an experienced friend for a referral to find the right broker in a short amount of time.

Watch out for Scammers

We are living in an age of artificial intelligence (AI) and smart cities, and so are the scammers. 

Those who resort to fraudulent practices have turned away from conventional practices and adopted modern and sophisticated means to scam investors and stockbrokers, especially amateur users. 

Sometimes, they may appear in your phone’s message box impersonating a certain individual or an organization so they can deceive you. 

Such texts contain invitations to visit a particular link or sign up a particular form, which is simply a trap to acquire key information to deprive you of your money or assets.


Invest in a Secure Online System

More than four billion data breach incidents in just the first few months of 2019 are evidence that data security has turned into a huge challenge for the experts. 

Some of the stolen records are disclosed publicly, which makes the situation chaotic. In this scenario, there is truly no harm in investing in a software or an application to combat modern-day means of fraud. 

The benefit of such a platform is that it will assist you in keeping your investment data secured as well as make it convenient for you to stay organized and up to date. 

Seek Secure Stock Search

This is something that first-time investors and those looking for a broker struggle with. They visit tons of websites to determine the latest details of the stocks they wish to invest in. 

But the problem is that not many websites have the right security measures in place and so they are vulnerable to hacking attempts. 

When you visit such websites, your data may be stored with third parties and might be used for a scam. 

Oftentimes, data-driven websites whose security has been compromised contain certain spyware and adware that can land directly into your computer and cause substantial harm.

Don’t Give Away Your Data 

The first rule for investors and stockers to remember is to keep their investment data private to themselves. 

One of the methods that scammers use to deprive you of your information is the phishing emails. These contain carefully generated subject lines to compel you to open them. 

They often ask you to send an email or make a phone call, all of which may lead to a deepening stock investment fraud. 

The same is the case with social media as there are people who may offer to provide you some advice related to stocks or an ‘ideal broker’.

Never Ignore Caution

Irrespective of your standing as a professional investor, you can never be safe from attempts on your privacy unless you have adopted security measures. 

Sometimes, professional brokers set aside safety and ignore the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and security protocols. But doing so doesn’t do anything but invite trouble. 

Whether it is the phone or email that you are communicating through, don’t give away sensitive or confidential information relating to your stocks or investments. 

Never throw caution to the wind even if you think you’re dealing with someone you have known for years.

Make Use of Multiple Sources

And last but not least, this is something that’s not specifically related to security, but is related to intelligent investment. 

As the saying goes, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, you should not heavily invest in just one stock. 

Explore multiple sources and carry out enough research to be sure to determine which stocks are the best. 

Also, when choosing a broker, pick someone who does not just have some coveted credentials, but who also has the passion to go beyond numbers and win the right investments for you.


The notion that ‘with opportunities come risks’ is indeed true, and invites us to think about securing our information relating to investments and stocks. 

The fact that many new stock investors give up too soon may be due to cutthroat competition, but it is also due to poor or inadequate security measures. 

To remain safe, you must safeguard your sensitive information by putting the right measures and strategies in place. 

Only then can you invest in your favorite stocks with complete peace of mind.

4 Scenarios When You Need To Hire A Tax Attorney 

When it comes to running a business, matters to do with taxes automatically become part of your daily concerns. 

Whether it is generating and successfully filing income tax returns on time, or determining the amount of taxes to pay, you need to be duly guided on the processes. This helps you to avoid making any errors that may be expensive for your business. 

Besides, you need to be aware of the laws that govern how you remit your taxes to the authorities licensing you to operate your business. 

That is why you need to keep a tax attorney close to help in handling and planning on your tax matters, which is in addition to representing you in case any legal issues arise. 

Let’s have a look at the instances when you need the tax attorney to act on your behalf.

When To Hire A Tax Attorney For Help

1.When Starting A Business

When setting up your business, many factors come into place. 

For starters, there is the need to understand the structure of the start-up you want to establish. This may involve determining whether it is a sole proprietorship or there are shareholders to be looped into the business. 

Besides, you may want to decide if your business will operate at local levels or will have an international presence. 

For example, if you have plans on expanding your business operations to foreign markets, the attorney will come in handy to provide support on the export and import laws of different countries, including the laws governing the hiring of personnel in those countries.  

Either way, you will need legal counsel to advise you about the structure of your business and the taxes you will be required to remit. 

Engaging a tax attorney at the nascent stage of your business is essential as you get to learn about tax procedures and the tax laws to abide by. 

Additionally, you might get non-tax assistance on such issues, such as shareholding and drafting contracts.

2. When You Need To Resolve Legal Matters

More often than not, you will be dealing with government tax agencies while grappling with newly implemented tax laws that have the potential to affect your business. 

Other times you will be negotiating a penalty for filing the tax returns late. Whichever the legal context that maybe, you will need a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer to guide you through the legal process. 

The attorney will help prepare all the relevant tax documents for your case to be strong and valid, besides giving you the best representation. 

Therefore, to ensure that the burden of the tax does not weigh you down, engage with a qualified tax attorney today, and get the tax legal issues fixed. 

It’s a good way to cushion your business from legal issues that can destroy your venture. 

3. When Filing Estate Tax Returns

The estate tax is the tax on your right to transfer property to your heirs or inheritors. It involves accounting for every property that you own and the business interests that you have. 

The sum of all the items you have is referred to as gross estate and may include cash, and securities, real estate, trusts, and insurance, etc.

There certain deductions and reductions on the gross estate are allowed in the process. In other words, there can be variations in calculating the value of the taxable estate. 

The technicality in coming up with the taxable estate requires an experienced tax attorney to advise accordingly to what items should be taxed depending on the applicable laws, and which ones should not. 

In this regard, a tax attorney can help you get exemptions and save you a lot!

4.When Under Tax Fraud Criminal Investigations

If you are in tax debt distress and you happen to be put under criminal investigations by the tax agency, it is wise to consider consulting an experienced tax attorney. 

It is advantageous because, unlike your certified public accountant who may be forced to testify against you on account of tax evasion and fraud, a tax attorney under the attorney-client privilege is exempt from testifying against you. 

Additionally, in such circumstances, a tax attorney can help release the lien and find payment options in case a tax lien is filed against you. 

The tax attorney will, therefore, help guard your business reputation, represent you before the tax court, and also guide you in the best way to close the criminal investigations against you.

Final Thoughts


A tax attorney plays an essential role in the growth and management of a business. 

Besides helping in tax matters, the tax attorney can also represent you in legal non-tax issues in case your business is wrecked by tax problems. 

It’s always smart to hire a tax attorney before tax issues crop up or immediately they do to avoid letting the situation slip from your control.

Looking After Your Finances For Your Future

If there is anything 2020 has taught us so far, it is that nothing is certain. Everything we know can be flipped on its head and our whole world can be totally uprooted.

As people scramble to make sense of all the new changes and developments with regards to a new lifestyle in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it makes sense you want to look at creating new income streams and investing your money in a way that will benefit you and your family and help you to make the best of a bad situation.

Despite the difficulties facing the world’s economy, there are still ways you can not only invest in your future but also help to generate another income stream to help support yourself as everyone works through these new challenges.


Generating a New Income

Remote working is the way forward now and looking at ways you can utilize your skills and generate an income from home is more important than ever.

If you own your own company chances are you are already doing this but if you need suggestions, below are great ways to get started when it comes to working online.

  • Start a Blog/Website – do you have expertise in a certain area or a flair for writing? Then a blog or a new website based on a certain sector could help you generate an income. advertising is the main way to earn a residual income as people place adverts on your site for a fee.
  • Content Writing – signing up to sites such as People Per Hour or Fiverr as great places to start looking for work when working as a freelance copywriter. There is a huge global market for copywriting but competition is stiff so be prepared to work a lot for less as you build your portfolio.
  • SEO – working SEO is something all businesses with an online presence should be working on constantly. If you are knowledgeable in this area, you can help companies improve their SEO and help them become more visible in search engine results thus boosting their reach and increasing sales.
  • IT Services – helping people maintain efficient IT systems and infrastructure is something people will need all the time. Branching out and using your IT skills to help other companies is something you can take on remotely to build a career in.


If you are looking to protect your income or your savings for the future, then you have many different options.

Stocks and shares are the main ways that pop into people’s minds when you talk about investing. 

Whilst this is a solid way to invest it isn’t guaranteed you will make money, there is always the possibility you will lose everything you have invested.

You also want to look at investing commodities that will hold their value too. 

  • Jewelry/Diamonds/Watches – invest in high-quality items such as Rolex watches that will be of value for many years to come.
  • Art – Artwork is something that you can guarantee will be a good investment. Art is subjective and only the buyer can decide if it is something worth investing in. But if you have a passion for creativity and can follow trends within the art world, then this could be a great alternative way for you to invest your money in the future.
  • Property – Build your own home using custom builders, buy and renovate an existing property or enter the buy to rent market to give you a good return on your money for now and in the future. It is important to know how to invest well in the property market, as you don’t want to end up being left in negative equity and with a property you can’t sell.
  • Gold – Gold is something that consistently holds its value. It is worth considering when it comes to protecting your funds for the future.

The most important thing when it comes to looking after your finances in an uncertain world is to make sure you have done your homework first. 

Make sure you know the risks as well as the potential benefits and seek professional advice if you feel you need it.

Avoid losses by making sure you have a good understanding of where your money is going and potential risks. 

This is also true for generating income. Be aware of trends within the market so you can be sure you are able to work consistently and make money for when you need it as the main income or to supplement your current income to support yourself and your family.

Can You Remain Financially Stable in an Uncertain World?

The world we live in is fast-paced and constantly moving. There’s plenty of uncertainty and it can leave even the most level-headed feeling anxious. 

The best thing any of us can do is focus on what we can control. Keeping our money in check is one thing we can all aim to do. Here are some ideas. 

Get out of debt

Being in debt is so expensive, the number of interest creditors charge can be insane if you sit and look at your paperwork. 

Because you’re paying this each month, it might not be apparent quite how bad the situation is until you add up exactly what you pay in interest each month and then work it out for the duration of the debt. 

Do what you can to pay down balances and close accounts completely. 

You might have to do drastic measures like selling what you no longer need, using your savings and take on extra shifts at work, or anything to bring down those balances and therefore reduce the amount of interest you’re paying. 

If you’re in more serious trouble with debt then speak to a debt charity or debt management company. 

They can often get interest rates frozen and negotiate new payment amounts which allow you to pay off the balances without them spiraling and finally get back in control of your finances. 

Grow your savings

Once you’re out of debt, you can start to grow your savings. 

Because of how expensive debt is, there’s no point trying to save when you owe balances as it will cost you more in the long run. 

But if you paid your debts and get them out of the way, you can start saving again and begin to build up a buffer. 

It makes sense to have two savings accounts, one for your long term ‘life savings’ for saving towards retirement, buying a house or other things that mean you simply wouldn’t touch the money for any other reason. 

Then you can have a shorter-term savings account. This is handy as a ‘rainy day fund’, like if your car or washing machine breaks down or you’re met with a large, unexpected bill. 

If you have a particular savings goal in mind such as buying a new car or going on holiday, it can be worth having a separate account for this too. 

Separating your savings in this way (rather than keeping them lumped in your regular current account) means you can watch them grow and never dip back into them. 

One of the easiest ways to save is to create a standing order which automatically transfers money from your regular bank to your savings account (or accounts). 

Set this to come out on the day you’re paid, you won’t even notice it going but over time it will add up. 

Work on multiple streams of income

Having multiple streams of income is always a smart move, particularly in today’s uncertain times. 

If one method stops earning you money (such as you get made redundant from your job) then you have other ways to get cash so you’re never without. 

Along with your regular job you could write and monetize a blog and/or Youtube channel. You could do work on freelancing sites or run your own home business. 

While of course, you do need to be flexible and adaptable to do well in today’s modern business world (https://www.intellectsoft.net/blog/what-is-digital-transformation/ explains more about this) if you’re able to run things from home then you get to earn money on your terms. 

Often,  home businesses don’t have high overhead costs to get up and running so they are much less risky financially to get started. 

Get onto the property ladder

With huge changes going on in the world, from the recession to Brexit to the new Covid-19 health pandemic, it’s clear to see that the property market does fluctuate. 

However, it always recovers after a crisis, and that’s because people always need homes to live in. 

Once you own your home it will likely accumulate value every year, there will be troughs and peaks but overall it’s an excellent investment long term. 

It gives you security later in life as once you retire, you no longer need to pay a mortgage or a rent which frees up the limited money you do have. 

In a world of instability, investing in property and buying your own home is still always a fantastic option and something you’ll never regret doing.

So, if you’re able to make it happen then definitely try. 

Store and stockpile

You don’t need to stockpile like you’re preparing for the zombie apocalypse (although in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, most of us are wishing that we had!) 

However, it’s never a bad thing to have some extra supplies in your home. 

Make sure your pantry is always stocked with things like pasta, rice, tinned food and jars of sauces, ingredients like flour and sugar and herbs and spices. 

If something happens where you can’t buy food for a while such as being short on money or a wider crisis going on, you don’t need to panic as you know you have everything you need for a while. 

Buy things like washing powder, dishwashing tablets, shampoo, and soap when it’s on offer and put an extra one or two in a cupboard somewhere. 

If you run out you always have one handy, and if you ever need to miss a week’s shop for whatever reason then you’re set. 

Work on a budget

Finally, having full control of what goes in and what comes out means you’re never overspending. 

Your bills and priorities are always paid first and everything else is properly divided up so you can afford to live without living beyond your means. 

You could use a budgeting app, a calendar or even a good old fashioned notepad to work out your budget and track your spending. 

3 Delivery Business Models, 3 Financial Challenges

It is in the essence of a business to deliver. 

In an era where more and more clients turn to the digital sphere to pass the majority of their orders — from takeaway food to their latest commercial brochure printouts.

It has become indispensable for the survival of small suppliers to consider the best delivery options. 

If you’ve shopped online in the past and been stuck at home all day waiting for the courier to bring your goods, you are in the best position to understand your customers’ pain. 

Your customers choose digital shopping because they want to save time. As such, they find it hard to forgive delays. 

Therefore, companies need not only to opt for the most suitable and cost-effective delivery option for their business model, but they also need to understand the delay risks inherent to each delivery mode. 

Indeed, gaining a full overview of the most common dangers that can affect bike, truck, and van/car deliveries can help you to avoid delays and their financial challenges.

  1. Bike deliveries

Bike and motorcycle are a favorite for the transportation of goods that need to arrive quickly within a limited radius from the business. 

In the city center, the most common scenarios are takeaways and restaurant food deliveries. 

Customers who order online expect their food to arrive piping hot and within the hour. 

Unfortunately, during rush service and traffic hours, food bikes are more vulnerable to collisions on the road. And for small takeaway restaurants, the threat of motorcycle accidents could put you out of business for good. 

How can you best protect your team and your delivery vehicles? 

You can take insurance cover to protect workers on the bike and help them to go through a claim against the driver at fault in a collision. But, you can also take preventive measures such as investing in your brand awareness on the bike. 

Indeed, a wrapped bike and helmet can increase visibility on the road and avoid any unfortunate accidents! 

2. Truck Deliveries

Warehouse goods and B2B shipments are best suited for truck transportation. 

From the family farm business to the kitchen remodeling experts, truck deliveries can help a variety of companies to reach their audience. 

As a result, it’s not uncommon for drivers to cover long distances and spend a lot of time away from their homes and families. 

The work schedule is the most common challenge that businesses face, as exhausted and isolated drivers are likely to cause a high staff turnover rate.

Failure to replace drivers rapidly and effectively can affect not only your delivery times but also your brand reputation. 

Boosting your business growth and presence starts with sensible work scheduling and planning regular breaks to allow for family time.

3. Car deliveries

More and more companies are turning to freelance and professional couriers to handle small parcel deliveries to both B2B and B2C clients.

Outsourcing your deliveries can be a smart move to reach out to a broad audience. 

A logistic giant such as FexEx can provide premium services to business clients, but these come at a high cost for small business owners. 

On the other hand, independents can struggle with rush times and demand peaks, which can affect your brand. 

You need to research the best delivery fit for your needs.

In Conclusion… 


A business that delivers is a business that has sorted out the best delivery option for its clients and industry sectors. 

As a result, understanding the factors that can affect delivery and cause delays and costs is detrimental to your decision and your growth. 

Questions To Ask Your MBA Training Provider

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. This is designed to provide individuals with a good understanding of the practical and theoretical side of business management. 

Having an MBA will look impressive on your CV and will undoubtedly help you in the future.  


You can read more on specialized MBA vs general in order to determine the best type of MBA for you. 

Nevertheless, before you can even begin to think about this, you need to ensure you reap the rewards of a high-quality MBA training provider, which is why you should ask the following questions. 

What does the syllabus cover? 

You need to be sure that you are benefitting from one of the courses that have been specifically designed for an MBA. 

It needs to be comprehensive and cover all aspects. What the syllabus will cover will depend on whether you do opt for a general or specialized MBA. 

Is the exam included in the course? 

A lot of people simply assume that the exam is going to be included as part of the training course. 

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as there are some training providers that give you the knowledge needed but then leave you to your own devices when it comes to sorting out the exam. 

This will simply result in more hassle, so it’s worth ensuring the exam is included. This information should easily be displayed on the company’s website.

What’s your pass rate? Can I take a look at some of your testimonials? 

You want to try and get a good idea as to whether this is a credible training provider. 

It is worth reading reviews that have been left by people that have already undergone an MBA with the company in question. 

By doing this, you will be able to get an honest assessment as to whether the course was worthwhile and if it made people feel prepared for the exam

By asking for the pass rate, you will also get a good indication as to whether the training is of high quality or not. 

How much experience do you have? 

You certainly don’t want to use the services of a trainer that is essentially learning on the job. 

You want to be safe in the knowledge that they have carried out numerous training courses. 

You should also enquire as to whether they are qualified, after all, you don’t want to use the services of someone that hasn’t even acquired their necessary accreditation. 

Are all textbooks and course materials included? 

The costs can soon start mounting up if you have to pay for textbooks and course materials. 

This is why it is worth asking from the offset if they are included, so you can have a full understanding of all the costs that are included. 


If you ask all of the questions that have been discussed, you should have no issue finding the right MBA training provider for your requirements.