Why Are Computers So Important In Business?

What would happen if you walked into your office, whether that’s in the home or a separate place altogether, and there were no computers. What would you still be able to do, and what would now be impossible?

Even if you could find a way to do at least some of your work, it is likely that a lot of it would not be able to take place at all, and this just goes to show how much we rely on computers in business. 

This is, of course, a relatively new phenomenon. Just a few decades ago, there were no computers in offices, and instead typewriters and complicated filing systems, as well as plenty of handwritten notes were used.

This means that it would, technically, be possible to go back to working in this way, but now that we’re so used to computers, and we even have specialists on hand to deal with the most common IT problems, this is not something that many people would want to do. 

So why are computers so important in business? Read on to get a better idea of exactly what it is we need them for. 


Organization is a key component of any business. Businesses that are more organized are much more successful; they can respond more quickly to customers, they can fix problems quickly, and they will always know what the next step is in terms of reaching their next goal. 

In the past, organization would have been through files and paper, or it would have been in a secretary’s head. Trying to find the information needed, especially if that secretary wasn’t in the office, would have taken a lot of time and effort, and, there would have been a fair amount of human error involved. Plus, having lots of pieces of paper around with customers’ details on them was not very secure, and all these files would have taken up a huge amount of space within someone’s office. 

With a computer, everything can be organized quickly and effortlessly. Finding the details that are required is the work of seconds, and no additional space is needed. Using the cloud to store all sensitive information on makes this system much more secure too. 

Gain Information 

If you want to succeed in business, you need to know as much as possible. You need to know about:

  • Your competition
  • Your customers
  • Your sector
  • Your products and services
  • Your employees

This might have meant a lot of time spent reading journals and magazines, potentially missing out on a lot of information. Today, you can use your computer to find out all kinds of information including how to start a business in the first place, how to do your taxes, and even how to write a business plan. 

In fact, there is nothing that you can’t discover by using your computer to search online. It’s true that other devices will allow you to do this, but for convenience and speed when you’re already sitting at a laptop working, nothing can beat the computer. 

Your Website 

No business is ever going to be truly successful in the 21st century without a website. Your website is like your storefront, a shop window that allows potential customers to find out as much about you as they can before they commit to buying from you. With so much competition, no matter what sector you are working in, it is crucial that you have an easy to use, attractive, simple website that will help promote your business at all times of the day and night. 

This website must also be easy to keep up to date, and it is often down to the business owner to do this. An out of date website gives a bad impression of the business, and some visitors might even wonder if you’re still trading. 

Having a computer to update the website either with a new weekly blog, new products, or further information when needed, is crucial. 


A business that cannot communicate with its customers won’t be successful. A business that can’t communicate with its suppliers won’t be successful. To be frank, a business that can’t communicate full stop won’t be successful. 

One of the key elements of business is being able to communicate swiftly and precisely. A computer allows for this to happen through a variety of different media including:

  • Email
  • Social media
  • Video conferencing 
  • Live chats
  • Blogs
  • Vlogs 

In fact, any communication you can think of can be done through the computer, and having just this one machine in your office will enable you to do anything and everything you need to. 

How To Lower The Interest On Your Mortgage

One of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make is a home. Houses are growing in price and while there are dips in the cost of housing, you want to do what you can to make savings across the board with your house purchase. One of the ways that you can save money is in the interest on your mortgage. 

A house purchase isn’t something that you should mess around about: it’s a huge financial obligation and it can cost you a lot more than you think if you’re not careful with it. While you are looking at ways to save money by choosing to refinance medical school loans, you need to look at other places you can save money on your interest, too. Your credit cards and bank loans – if you have them – can be saved, too. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the ways that you can lower the interest on your mortgage. Let’s take a look:

Start Shopping Around

You can look for the best rates on your mortgage if you speak to a good broker and shop around. The smartest move that you can make is to shop around for that rate that’s better than the others.

You can compare mortgages, or you can ask the expert to do it for you. Look at which banks and financial institutions offer you the most attractive interest rates, and then go from there.

Speak to The Bank

Whether you have a mortgage broker or not, you need to think about speaking to the bank to see whether you can negotiate your interest rates that you have currently. They may tell you no, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get! If your credit score is a high one, you can ask your lender to match the rates that their competitors are offering. You can even use your credit rate as a negotiation tool to lower the interest as you’re a good customer with a good history.

Add More Money

If you want to reduce your interest rate, put more money down on your purchase. The smaller the loan, the more the lender often charges a high interest to make a profit. The bigger the loan, the higher the interest, too, because there is a bigger risk in lending the money. When you put more of a deposit down on your mortgage, you can find that perfect middle ground between too much interest and even more than that. You could end up saving yourself thousands in interest costs if you do this, so make sure that you are adding more if you can afford to.

Lowering your interest rate is going to help you to pay more onto your mortgage and lessen the squeeze on your finances every month. Your dream home isn’t too far out of reach if you negotiate your finances well with your broker or with the bank. Taking the time to get advice is going to help you to save some cash.

Be Proactive: Steps To Limit Pandemic Damage To Business

We’re all in the same boat, but not all of us are going to make it out alive in the business world. Already, we’re seeing many thousands of companies being crushed under the weight of lockdown and prolonged fears in the markets. But you don’t have to be one of the victims.

You have the ability to protect yourself from harm, no matter where it’s coming from. Being proactive in this endeavor is how you will achieve a better final outcome for your business. We’ll not explore some of the best options which can limit disruption and headaches for you as a business owner.

Revise growth expectations

Even though you know you have to take your foot off the gas while the pandemic is slowing the markets, you technically haven’t made it official until you revise your quarterly expectations and thus, goals. You have to look at your business plan and rewrite it for at least a year.

So, lower the level of profits you think you should aim for, lower the number of hirings you will do, and lower your overall growth plans. This means, halt actions for expanding to new locations and renting more warehouse space, etc. instead, use the capital you were going to use for those plans, for your current situation.

This could be to keep paying employee salaries, hire a delivery company, or boost your marketing campaigns online.

Find a cushion

One definite way to limit exposure and harm is to get business insurance. You should have a plan already but if you don’t, don’t worry, it’s not too late because companies like simplybusiness.com are still offering their incredible plans.

They believe that you should be protected from loss and or liability. When things such as the pandemic are out of your hands, then this can count as both.

So if you keep paying all year round, you will have the chance to recoup some of your losses and also, protect from any kind of disgruntled customers who didn’t get their products or were subject to some kind of company policy change. This is your cushion, your overall protection during this time, so go ahead and do your research into this some more. 

Take the tough decision

Employee salaries are the number one expenditure for any business. They are the number one drag when you’re suffering as a business. It’s harsh and it’s unfair, but it’s necessary.

You have to consider letting some employees go. It’s going to protect your business in the long run because you will save a lot of money and still function on a minimal level. This brings up the tough decisions of knowing who to let go. What is your skeleton crew? Once you know this, you will know who can and can’t be fired. 

The pandemic has wreaked havoc all around the world. It has been a nightmare to contend with for small business owners. However, you don’t have to settle for being a victim, you can still come out of this ordeal as a survivor!

Jobs To Consider Right Out of School During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Congratulations! You graduated from college in the year 2020!

Unfortunately for you, you received your diploma during the coronavirus pandemic. What does that mean? Well, what it means is that it is going to be even harder to get a job out of school. 

It can already be a challenge to find a job right out of school, but with unemployment rates being where they are, it makes that task even more difficult. So what are some jobs you could get in the meantime while you wait to start your professional career? Here is a list of some great options to choose from:

Server / Bartender

If you want to make some good money and avoid a meeting with a collection agency, serving and, or bartending is a great gig. 

There are plenty of places that are only doing takeout and delivery as a precaution for COVID-19, but there are still a ton of restaurants doing dine-in service as well. 

Yes, there may be some worry about these jobs considering a lot of the potential income is based on how busy a restaurant is at any specific time. In the same breath, it is worth mentioning restaurants are not going away and people will continue to go to them: coronavirus or not. 

Food Delivery Driver

If you are afraid of potentially getting COVID-19 by working in an environment surrounded by a ton of people, food delivery could be for you. Grubhub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats are all companies that help deliver food, and you could be one of their drivers! 

You would be able to make some decent money, and select when and where you want to deliver. These services give you the option of deciding whether or not you want to deliver something, and that creates a lot of flexibility for you to continue your search for a starting point in your career. 

These food-delivery services are really a great, easy-going job for someone that has yet to take the first step in their career path. 

Retail Jobs

Similar to the server and bartending jobs, working in retail at this current point in time comes with the inherent risk of contacting a various number of people. With that being said, the chances of being around someone who has contracted the virus are much higher. 

Still, working in retail will give you a consistent pay rate no matter the number of people coming into the store. And that pay rate can help get you started on moving out of your parent’s house and, or paying off those student loans. 

Although these jobs aren’t necessarily “desirable”, they provide a source of income while you, a recent college graduate, sort things out. There are a ton of things to think about once you leave school, and these three options give you an opportunity to think about your future while not having to stress about not having a job / that source of income just mentioned.