Are You An Oblivious Reckless Driver?

Many reckless drivers don’t realize that they are reckless. This is how so many accidents happen each year – avoidable accidents. You might be sure that you’re a safe driver, but you may have reckless traits if you really think about it.

Becoming more self aware of your habits while you’re behind the wheel will help you to be a safer driver and ensure you keep others safe on the road, too. Let’s take a look at a few signs that you might be a reckless driver without even knowing it:

1. You Easily Lose Your Cool On The Road

Many people find it easy to lose their cool on the road. Other drivers can be inconsiderate and this can be really annoying – usually, a quick beep of your horn will suffice to let them know that what they did wasn’t OK. However, if you find yourself so angry that you swerve on the road, tailgate the car in front, and lose your senses a little, you need to try to figure out a few coping strategies.

Even really chilled out people can lose their cool behind the wheel. Remind yourself before you get in the car that you’re going to keep your composure, whatever happens. Take deep breaths, and remember that losing your cool could seriously injure you or somebody else. It can be tough, but staying mindful on the road can make a huge difference. 

2. You Don’t Keep A 2 Car Distance 

Refusing to keep a 2 car distance between your car and other cars could result in a collision – especially in wet or icy weather. Making sure there’s plenty of space between your car and other cars will keep everybody safe. 

3. You Don’t Have Boundaries As A Driver 

Having boundaries as a driver is crucial if you’re going to have people in your car. Make sure they know not to distract you, and if you can’t concentrate with them talking loudly or a lot, let them know. Most people don’t know that more than 1.25 million people die in accidents on the road, and an accident can happen in a split second. Don’t let anything take your attention away from the road. 

4. You Pick Up Your Phone When You’re Bored

Out of habit, many people will reach for their smartphone when they are bored. You should never do this when driving. If you don’t trust yourself to leave it alone, but it in your glovebox out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind. 

Driving while texting may let you take your eyes off the road and ignore the recklessly high-speed vehicle. What’s worse is that you may have a head-on collision. Although, you’ll be able to take legal actions by reading through some resources like to know about your rights. But, are you ready to be disabled for life? Maybe not!

Thereby, save yourself from uninvited hassles by keeping your smartphone away. If you don’t trust yourself to leave it alone, put it in your glove box out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind.

5. You Are Never Sure Of The Speed Limit 

The speed limit is there for a reason, especially on country roads and roads near schools. Speeding could result in a serious accident or collision. Pay attention to the speed limit and make sure you respect it. 

If you’ve been doing the above things and haven’t even thought about it, chances are, you’ve been driving recklessly, at least sometimes. Try to be more mindful behind the wheel and you will keep yourself and others safe. 

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