Why Are Bigger Cars A Better Investment Than Small Ones?

Size matters. Well, it matters when you’re thinking about buying a car! Naturally, you come across various cars in different sizes – some are really small and designed for two people, others are massive and can fit a whole family of seven plus two dogs! How do you decide which size is best for you? 

Honestly, you need to approach this purchase as an investment. A car will be expensive, so you need to ensure you get your money’s worth out of it. For this reason, it might be smarter to opt for a bigger car over a small one. How come? Check out the points below to get more clarity:

Better longevity

A big car will almost always outshine a small one in terms of longevity. Why? Because larger vehicles are designed to be more durable and robust. There’s no argument here, it’s simply a fact. Therefore, your car will be less prone to damages and repairs than a small one. If you get into an accident, your car is big enough to escape with a minor dent – rather than being totalled. 

Similarly, consider the potential savings a safe and durable car provides. Did you know that 51 percent or more car accidents result in some type of injury. Injuries mean medical bills, as well as the obvious health implications. A large car can prevent injuries from occurring due to durability and safety. Thus, no medical bills are totted up, saving even more money. 

More practical

Furthermore, a big car is more practical than a small one. In most cases, small cars are aimed at people who live on their own and just need a vehicle to get around town. A large one lets you do all of that, but with enough space for shopping, a family, and your pets. Then, you have some big cars that can actually drive off-road, further improving the practicality. 

Remember, a ‘big’ car doesn’t necessarily refer to a van or a huge 4×4. An SUV falls into this category, and they are arguably the most practical cars around. You have the durability of a 4×4 with the swiftness and manoeuvrability of a smaller car. As a result, they’re highly desirable!

Improved resale value

Provided you keep your car in good shape, a bigger vehicle tends to command a higher resale value than a smaller one. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, these cars usually cost more, to begin with. Secondly, look back at the previous two points! A bigger car is more practical, durable, and safer than a smaller one. So, it’s bound to be more in-demand, thus increasing the price. 

Think about it this way, larger vehicles cater to families, off-roading enthusiasts, and even people with a business. More people will be eager to buy a vehicle like this when compared to a small one. 

In conclusion, buying a large car could be a better investment. It definitely comes with some benefits over a small one, that’s for sure. If you’re thinking about buying a new car, maybe it’s wise to invest in something bigger and more robust?

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