Everything You Need to Know About Timeshares

You are probably wondering about the most cost-effective vacation option to explore. In your search for the smartest way to use your travel funds, you might have heard of timeshares. You might also have heard that timeshares are the smart vacation home alternative but do not know what they are and how they work. What are the pros and the cons? Worry no more, as this article outlines all the crucial details you need to know about timeshares.

What is a timeshare?

A timeshare refers to a real estate program for residential property at a vacation destination in simplified terms. Here, multiple owners share the vacation property cost so that each owner secures the right to stay in the property for a certain period. For example, if you purchase a 1/52nd share of a unit, be it a room, a suite of rooms, or even a condominium, you will often stay in the residence for one week each year. A week per year is the standard amount of time, although there are possibilities of buying larger or smaller annual time blocks.

How does timeshare purchasing work?

Now that you know what timeshare is, it is time to understand how the arrangement is made, its pros and cons. The two contracts for timeshare purchasing are deeded and non-deeded. The deeded contract, also known as a fee-simple contract, is similar to buying a house where you get a share of the ownership. This means you can resell or rent your timeshare at will. You may also pass it down to your children.

The non-deeded contract, also known as right-to-use contracts, is similar to signing a lease. As the name suggests, the agreement allows you to buy the right to use the property for a certain period without outright ownership. When the lease term is over, ownership reverts to the owner of the property.

What does the timeshare cost?

By now, you have already decided whether you want to enter into a deeded or non-deeded agreement. Either way, there are two fixed costs. You pay a certain fee upfront and pay a maintenance fee annually. The prices of a timeshare will vary depending on factors such as location, the unit size, and condition of the property, and the timing of your stay.

Research shows that maintenance fee is the most demanding financial obligation for most timeshare owners. For example, if you buy a deeded timeshare, you will always pay a maintenance fee even if you are not using the property often. Yet, the fees might rise with inflation.

Buying and Exiting a Timeshare!

Timeshare will work most conveniently if you have a traveling pattern you love visiting the same destination each year. Hence, you can lock in your annual holiday ski trip or beach vacation. This will also help you know the price in advance for proper planning. With time, you will get to spend less on your timeshare. You will also get to make the most out of your timeshare if you commit to annual trips.

It is important to know the option you have when selling the timeshare or exit. There are resort companies that offer take-back, resale, and exit programs. You can also seek advice from a timeshare exit company like Wesley Financial Group to understand better the times of exit programs. This will save you money, time and the hassle when it comes to the process of exiting from an agreement with the manager or the owner of the timeshare.

To-dos before buying any timeshare

Before buying a timeshare, you should commit time to do a few things. First, investigate the unit before you buy it. Visit the resort where you hope to buy the timeshare. Assess the quality of the space and the amenities available. Please speak to the manager and other timeshare owners who have been there before to hear their experience. Also, find out from the state’s attorney general if there have been complaints against them before.

Planning is also relatively healthy. Remember, timeshares will only save you money if you will consistently use them. Hence, it is advisable to book your vacation as early as possible, probably a year in advance.

Final word

A timeshare can be a great option for vacation. However, you should keep your eye open to know how you can save money with a timeshare. You should also understand the terms you want to engage in before signing a contract. Doing due diligence will save you time, money and frustrations. You can also seek help from a timeshare exit company if you want to get rid of one.

How to buy a NNN Investment Property

If you are looking to invest in the commercial real estate domain, a triple net lease makes a great prospect. Single-tenant NNN properties are a relatively low-risk option that offers the most reliable income stream for the long haul.

The best part is that you need not worry a lot about recurring financial expenses such as annual property taxes, maintenance costs, and insurance. These properties are great for building equity and adding diversity to your investment portfolio.

But everything boils down to choosing the right property. If you aren’t sure about picking one for investment, here are some guidelines to help.

Look for the right location

When it comes to the NNN property value, you cannot overlook the importance of the right location. You need to consider both physical and geographical locations when looking for investment options. An area that has good traffic and accessibility is ideal from a physical perspective.

Since it is a commercial investment, prioritizing corner locations is a good idea. Also, consider the other businesses in close proximity to the building. The geographical location decides the growth rate of investment.

Choosing an area or city with a steady population increase, good employment rate, and a healthy economy makes a wise decision for an investor. Tenant demand is another factor to consider if you are looking for a viable option.

Pick the best potential business type

Since triple net investment involves commercial properties, you need to consider the potential business types that can run there. It is best to look for ones that can support profitable business types regardless of the state of the economy.

Look for nnn properties for sale which are suited for recession-proof businesses that are not affected by economic downturns or slow times. Grocery stores, convenience stores, medical clinics, drug stores, and discount stores are some examples of businesses that run seamlessly, irrespective of the economic landscape.

Pay attention to tenant potential

Another factor you cannot miss out on while looking for an ideal NNN investment is the tenant potential of the place. Many properties will come with a long-term tenant lease, which often ranges between 10 to 25 years. If you plan to pick such an option, reviewing the history of the tenant’s business is a good idea. A viable rental history is favorable.

Also, check whether they have been regular with the tax and insurance payments. It makes sense to ensure that they have the longevity to continue tenancy even after you take over ownership. Good tenant potential gets you the assurance of security of your investment. If you can find a property with a high-yield brand or chain as a tenant, you can expect worthy benefits.

Triple net investments set you up for a secure and lucrative investment. But you can expect the best only with the right choice of the property. Extensive market research goes a long way in picking the right option. You can go the extra mile by seeking the advice of an expert who can help you decide more confidently.

Buying your dream house? Check these crucial elements first

So, are you all ready to buy the home of your dreams? Well, we congratulate you on this. But, as we all know that buying a new property is a whole lot of responsibility. From changing your address to moving in and setting your house.

Here’s the list of elements a person should check before buying any property.

Check the area

Before taking the big step of buying your home, don’t overlook checking the area in which the residence is situated.

For you and your family’s safety, the area should be secure and friendly. So that you won’t face any trouble in the future, track the report of crime rates of that place.

Know your neighbors too. Take a little tour of the area and observe the conditions of their house, try to talk to them so that you can have an idea about their behavior.

One more thing you can add to the list is to find out the number of houses for sale in the neighborhood. If you find the sale numbers more than normal, it indicates that the area isn’t suitable and people want to leave it soon.

Understand the sun orientation

Now, if you’re thinking about what’s the point of understanding the sun orientation. So, let us explain to you the factors that can affect your comfort.According to the Lake Keowee real estate experts, the south-facing windows will get the most sunshine during the daytime. And, in another way, if your windows are north-facing, the sunshine will be entering your home during the morning and evening time.

It can affect your lifestyle a lot. If you’re staying in a hot region and buying a south-facing home, then the daytime sun rays can cause you and your family problems. While, if you’re staying in a cold region, it will be blissful for you. So, now you can decide how much sunshine you need in your home.

Think about the privacy you need

Before spending a bulky amount on your new home’s building, ponder about the fact that how much privacy do you need in your life. According to it, you can choose the area you want to live in. Imagine you are a peace lover and avoid noises and your house is situated in the market area. The car honks, and the crowd will start suffocating you soon.

But if you’re an outdoor person and love to explore markets and other places, that place will fascinate you the most. Your privacy choice may define how much time you’ll spend in your new home, so make sure you get the privacy you want.

Don’t spend more than your budget

We understand that property never comes in little amounts. It needs a whole lot of savings and a budget to get the home you desire. Some people tend to borrow loans to buy a bigger home. But in our opinion, a person should never be dependent on a loan unless they have great credit.

There would be no use in staying in a huge building and getting suppressed under a debt. Consider choosing the property according to your budget and enjoy a stress-free life.

Wrapping up

Buying your dream home is like a dream come true. You deserve the feeling of pride in your own house. But don’t forget to take care of the above elements and have your own sweet home.

Top Tips for Home Buyers Looking to Retire Early

Well, last year put a whole new spin on things from health, work, schools, and home. Our goal of early retirement has not changed, but the way we will proceed forward with that goal has been affected by 2020.

How could it not? We should all learn from the perspective gained from the last unprecedented year. Undoubtedly, it will be written about in multiple books, series, and films; however, how we will write our own future is what’s important.

Let us help guide you through a few of our top tips for home buyers looking to retire early like us.

Simplify Transportation and Reduce Vehicles

A personal car is a major expense. It can be a financial burden when two people that are bringing home the bacon and need to commute to the office or meetings. Well, over the last year, we witnessed almost every industry go remote. From technology and education to finance and telehealth, most jobs have become either completely remote or partially remote.

Thus, that means that most couples and families can simplify transportation and the number of vehicles per household. That means a tremendous savings every month.

However, we understand. Still, everyone wants the freedom of having a car and cruising the open road, but there is no need for two car payments, two insurance payments, and two maintenance bills annually. 

Shop Around for the Best Housing Loan

The best decisions come from well-rounded research. That means do your due diligence online and offline about what you can afford in a housing loan. Very few home buyers can buy a home without a mortgage.

So, shop around and do your homework in regards to the current housing loan interest rate. After the last year, it may surprise you some of the incentives banks, lenders, and financial institutions are putting out there in 2021.

However, remember that budgeting is key to long-term success. Be warned that a budget is not finite. It must ebb and flow with your changing times. 

Make Your Assets Work For You

While you are shopping around for a new home, why not make your existing home, car, or other assets work for you. If you have extra space or time, you can easily make a bit more money to add to your savings. This extra coin can come in handy for a down payment on your perfect house, DIY projects on said house, or into your retirement funds.

Of course, you don’t have to do this on your own. There are many companies, apps, and services that can help you market your assets. Some examples are Airbnb and Uber. Some other shared economy companies you should take a look at are here.

Automatically Put Away a Portion of Each Paycheck

When the New Year started, many resolved to save money. However, if you don’t put a good plan in place, life gets in the way. One way that we have found to work for us is direct transfer.

By setting up this service, your bank transfers a set amount of money from your checking into a savings account. So after you have received your biweekly or monthly pay, your automatic transfer puts more money into your savings or retirement.

Believe us, the piggy bank thing didn’t work for us as kids; however, if they had an automatic transfer from allowance to piggyback it would have.

Find Where Your Money Pit is and Reduce or Stop Spending

We all spend money. However, each spend is categorized differently: needs, niceties, and uber luxuries. Your money pit is between the niceties and uber luxuries. We all need a roof over our heads, food, water, clothes, and transportation. However, it is in the other two categories that a lot of our money goes out the window. The first step is to pinpoint where you are spending your money whether clothing, travel, and/or entertainment. Then, the second step is to either reduce or stop spending for a period of time. Put that money away for your big buy, a new home.

Let this guide help navigate your journey to buying a home with the goal of early retirement still in your sights. Whether it is one or a combination of the five tips, you will be well on your way to living in your new home as well as achieving your end goal of early retirement. Hey retiring in your forties is the new goal!

Is Gold Money or Just A Commodity? Understanding Gold Investments

As we grow older, we start to appreciate (and maybe understand) the appealing of saving and investing, since we get to experience the actual value of money thanks to becoming more independent and how working actually is.

They are things that can, to a certain degree, protect our money from inflation, and they also work as tools towards fulfilling specific goals or dreams.

When it comes to saving, we have the most common method, which is placing money into a saving account in order to generate a fixed level of profit that is determined by the terms of service provided by the bank or organization in charge of said account.

It is the most commonly used because of its safety as well as its reliability, but in no way is it the most profitable method. But it is understandable, considering that it is as safe as it gets.

There are other ways of saving, but they might not be as reliable, and some of them can be considered forms of investment as well, since you, to some extent, risk the money you are placing in the investment to earn a (probable) profit.

Considering that, and all the many methods you can rely on when it comes to saving and investing… Is it better to rely on saving accounts, or just try out new methods? Among the many options you have, buying gold is considered a somewhat reliable form of guarding your money, but how does it work? Should it actually be considered an investment instead?

Differences Between Saving and Investing

It is important to understand the differences between the two. Someone may differ with this opinion, but between the two, none is better than the other. They both are there to fulfill specific needs, and claiming that one method is better than the other is just wrong because, in some way, they are just two aspects of the same world.

There’s this article that can help you with more detailed information about it https://www.thebalance.com/saving-money-vs-investing-money-358062, but I will briefly showcase their differences.

Saving can be described as a safe method that is used to protect your finances towards a certain goal, be it purchasing something that is too expensive to be bought immediately, or just for the sake of retiring. Regardless of its objective, saving is used to achieve something in a slow, but secure and steady way.

On the other hand, investing can be considered a risky method of protecting your money, since you might end up losing some of it along the way. But with that risk, a probably profit is also achievable. This profit can be much higher than the initial investment, but it all depends on the niche behind the said investment.

A general rule of thumb when it comes to investing is that the riskier an investment is, the more profit can be created through it. Still, this is by no means a definitive rule, since there are investments that are safe and can create a decent profit. However, it all depends.

That is why research is a very important aspect of both saving and investing, and when we talk about gold, understanding the principles behind it can help you make a decision.

The Drawbacks of a Saving Account

The reason why purchasing gold is perceived as a form of saving instead of investing is because gold barely changes its prices over time, and when it happens, it rarely stays that way for a long time.

And that is why some people, as mentioned in this article, might prefer the idea of saving by purchasing gold instead of putting their money in a bank account. The reasoning is simple.

When you put money in a bank account, although you are indeed protecting it from spending it on stuff while slowly creating a fortune, you don’t get a lot of profit from it. It is mostly considered a way to complete a goal, more than creating profit per se.

But a saving account won’t protect your money from inflation, a very common phenomenon in today’s society. Inflation can absolutely bring your money towards a bad end, and you can’t do anything about it but spend it before things get worse.

On the other hand, purchasing gold might be a solution to this problem.

The Benefits of Purchasing Gold

Although gold is a precious metal like silver, its uses in industries and the creation of specific pieces of metal are not as common. Gold is mostly perceived as a metal that can be used in jewelry and decorations, thus, it is not as affected by the law of supply and demand.

This is why its prices are not as volatile, but it can still fluctuate at times when holders decide to sell, or buyers decide to go crazy. Still, it tends to turn back to normal before you notice. If you check https://www.investopedia.com/articles/basics/08/invest-in-gold.asp, you’ll get a solid idea of what I’m talking about.

A simple way of seeing it is that although you might not get a lot of profit in comparison to other forms of investment, it can be considered a much more profitable way of saving money than a bank account, but this depends entirely on you.

How do you engage the market, how much research you do, as well as taking the right decisions, are what will ultimately decide how much you benefit from purchasing gold. The more you engage in the activity, and the more you learn along the way, the better results you will get.

Approaching the Experience

There are many ways to approach the experience. You have the option of purchasing your gold from a local, physical store or try into online platforms of trading and purchasing. Regardless of what you decide to do, it is always wise to do some research beforehand.

This is because stores tend to have their own prices and some platforms might have commissions that are higher than other platforms. GoldMoney, for example, is a famous platform you can rely on, but is GoldMoney legit? Those are the questions you will have to ask yourself before making a decision.

A good recommendation I can give is to always engage in the community. Certain communities, like the subreddit r/investing from Reddit, are a good place to start. People that are more experienced and might have really good advice for you, might be there waiting for your question.

Besides that, relying on customer reviews and reputation is another solid way to know whether a store or platform is legit. These are the best way of getting to know a product or service before hiring it or purchasing it, so take that in mind before making any decision.

Overall, always have multiple potential options at hand, and make sure to research them properly, so you can choose between the options which one is better for your current needs.

Investments of 2021: A brief guide for Investors

2020 started rather rough because of the looming pandemic still making things difficult for investors. People are scared and unsure about making investments and need a certain reconciliation to trust the market.

It is obviously no one’s fault that the markets took a hit during the pandemic, but now it is everyone’s responsibility to get the market started again. We are playing our part and bringing to you the top 4 venture capitals and technology trends of 2021 to watch out for.

Gathering the first-round capital

Covid-19 and Brexit will be making huge tremors on the share market, and investors would be reluctant to put in money for new startups. On top of that, reception and job losses would not be making things any easier.

Major startups that usually depended on small investors would face a huge backlash and have to wait for investments to trickle in. It is thus advisable to start with lower budgeting on initial capital.

Automation Tech

There has been an overall growing trend of automation technologies worldwide due to the present scenarios. Issues of companies regarding accuracy and costs have been dealt with solutions of artificial intelligence, which was anyways picking up in the market.

With the European Union no longer providing abundant labor to the UK, there will be a heightened demand for automated technology. The heavy industry, in particular, will be gunning to adopt related technology, making it a favorite in the investment sector.

Cyber Security

With tech giants like Zoom and Microsoft facing serious security issues, it has become a major concern for every company with sensitive data to invest in cybersecurity.

The lawsuits against the poor handling of data cost the companies a fortune, and thus such companies are no longer reluctant to spend good amounts on the right kind of security.

With hackers gaining more and more experience each day, cybersecurity will have to keep updating and strengthening itself. This highlights “the latest cybersecurity venture capital trends”, and it would be a good chance to invest in a rapidly growing market.

The need for cybersecurity will only keep growing from hereon as every big and small industry is starting to realize its value.

Core Tech

After the pandemic, many industries using old technologies found it increasingly difficult to keep up operations remotely from their home. These industries had not updated to the latest software and solutions for their back-end or data processing.

These applications or software are usually expensive, but the time now leaves these industries with no choice. Investing in such core technology developing companies and keeping a close eye on them can get you good returns.

Investments are always subject to market risks, and investors can only blame themselves for investing in the wrong areas. A volatile market is obviously not a pleasant field for investors, but it also opens up the possibility of major trends and distinct rising areas. It will obviously create tight competition, but it will also give confidence to investors, which will keep the ball rolling.

How to Manage Your Investments Properly

If you’re someone who’s looking to make your financial future brighter by making smart investments today, there are a few things you need to know. Investing isn’t as easy as it might seem on the surface, and a lot of people end up losing money rather than making it because of the mistakes they make along the way. If that’s the trap you want to avoid falling into, read on now and find out more.

Pick a Strategy and Stick to It

It’s always wise to choose a specific investment strategy and to stick with it. If you’re constantly changing your mind and change your strategy, you’re going to end up making mistakes and losing out on gains. So once you’ve settled on a strategy, try not to move away from it unless you have a very good reason to. That’ll serve you better over the long-term.

Do Plenty of  Research

Before you enter any kind of new investment, you should always do plenty of research into it. You need to see evidence of strong fundamentals before you feel comfortable investing in anything. Even if you were recommended an investment opportunity by someone, you should still take the time to research it yourself and find out if it really does present the kind of opportunity you’re looking for.

Work with Tax Professionals

If you’re going to invest your money properly and grow it over time, you’re going to need to work with the right tax professionals. Things like cost segregation services by tax professionals can help you a lot and ensure you don’t get caught out later when it comes to paying your taxes. It can all be pretty confusing if you’re new to this, so working with the professionals makes a lot of sense.

Have an Exit Plan

Having an exit plan in place is always a good idea. Even if your strategy is focused on long-term investing, it’s still a good idea to have an endgame in mind and to know how you’re going to take your profits and what you’ll then look to do with them. Most people will find that it makes sense to move into safer and safer investments as they get older and closer to retirement.

Work with Financial Advisors if There’s Something You’re Not Sure About

Working with the right advisors and investment professionals can make your life a lot easier if there’s anything you’re not sure about. This is all new to you so you’re going to face challenges and there’ll no doubt be things you get wrong. Working with professional financial advisors will help to reduce the severity of those situations and save you from financial losses.

Managing your investments in a smart way is something you’ll need to work on and get better at over time. Your investing strategy is one that’ll need to be specific to you because only you understand your risk adversity and the goals you have, as well as their timescales.

3 Stunning Investments To Maximize Your Returns

The number one rule for investing effectively is ensuring that you always spread your risk. Having all of your eggs in one basket increases the risk to your hard earned cash.

Instead, you need to think about having your finger in as many financial pies as humanly possible. By spreading your risk across an investment portfolio, you are adding a level of mitigation should one investment fail,

This also means that you can opt for some higher risk options to try your luck and maximizing your returns. Follow this guide and look at three stunning investments to get the biggest bang for your buck.


The easiest option to look at when investing is property. Fixer uppers come onto the market regularly and you could head to a property auction in an effort to find the worst house on the best street.

By undertaking a scheme of works, you could create a desirable home in a great location with awesome transport links, low crime rates, and decent schools. Do your sims to ensure that the purchase price for the dwelling plus the taxes and fees, plus the renovation costs do not creep above the price you want to sell for.

If flipping a pad, you want to add floor space to increase value and enhance the ceiling price of a street. Property is an easier low risk investment but does require you to be active in the money making project.

Eco-Friendly Options

If you are keen to do your bit to save the planet and you want to check out some sustainable investments, take a look at the energy industry market forecasts. Look at those car manufacturers that are actively pursuing greener fuelled cars.

These ranges will soon be the go-to models of choice for the savvy millennial who cares about their carbon footprint. As more government legislation and laws come into force regarding pollution, investing in the stocks and shares of a hybrid car company could be a great bet.

Alternatively, invest in those food producers, manufacturers and local small businesses who pride themselves n sustainability and ethics.


If you are partial to a tipple of your favorite rioja every now and then, why not consider a bigger investment in wine? Purchase a crate or two of a sought after vintage, store it for a decade or more, and then sell it to a collector at a lucrative profit.

Think of wine in the same way you think of art or antiques. The rarer these wine examples become, the more valuable they are. Do your research and spend your money on classic vintage labels such as a 1999 Italian shiraz or a 2013 Australian Pinot Grigio.

With any luck, you can monitor the markets and sell on when you have a decent enough return. You could then reinvest or pocket the cash to top up your savings pot.

Investing can be exciting but also daunting. Follow this simple guide and you could maximize your investment returns in 2021.

Using the Internet to Find the Perfect Car for Your Needs

The internet is a fantastic tool when it comes to shopping. With all of the information we can research, it makes purchasing something a lot easier. This is especially true if it’s a large investment such as a car.

After all, we all want to get the best value for our money, so it makes sense to consult a larger group of opinions because it’ll help us learn more about the products and also alert us of anything that we should be concerned about.

So if you’re planning on buying a car to suit your every need, here’s how the internet can help you.

Asking for help from car experts and enthusiasts

The internet is a great place to share your passions and talk about things you love. As such, you’ll find many car experts and enthusiasts who are eager to help you choose the right vehicle. We suggest joining some kind of community to learn more about vehicles and ask questions if you’re unsure about something.

Comparing prices with online-based dealerships

The internet is a great place to compare prices between reputable dealerships such as Automaxhyundai.net. If you’re searching for the best deals or want to compare features between cars, then dealership websites are a great place to start searching for information. We suggest looking at multiple dealerships in order to find the car that you’re looking for. You can also speak to the dealerships in question if you want to learn more about financing options or deals that are specific to the dealership. You could also consider going straight to the manufacturer if you’re sure that you want a new car, or if you can’t find the vehicle you want in a certain specification.

Learn about the latest cars and read reviews

Whether you’re choosing a safe car for peace of mind and a fast car for the thrill, it’s important to learn more about the latest cars by reading reviews. This will help you learn more about cars and also reveal the more sought-after vehicles that offer new technologies, great performance or extremely good value. Reviews can occasionally be biased, so we always recommend looking at multiple websites to get a better opinion on something. You could also ask enthusiasts and friends or family members for an expert opinion on cars as well.

You might still want to visit a dealership before you finalize your decision

When upgrading your car or buying your first vehicle, it’s important to understand that the overall feel of the vehicle becomes a huge factor in the decision-making process. This is why dealerships offer test drives for vehicles. If you’re not comfortable behind the wheel or don’t like how the features are laid out, then you’re going to waste your money. Make sure you visit a dealership if you’re not 100% certain or if you’ve never been in the care before. All of the features of a car mean nothing if you don’t feel at home behind the wheel.

What You Need To Know Before Getting Into Property Investing

Property remains one of the most popular types of investments there is, and for good reason. After all, this type of investing means you get a real life, bricks and mortar building for your money, something that can seem a lot more secure than a piece of paper like a stock or a bond. Of course, before you sink all your money into property investing, there are a few issues you need to consider. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

The costs involved (and where you will get funding from)

Number one on the list of things to consider is money. Yep, that’s right property investing is rarely a cheap endeavour and you will need to speculate to accumulate. Indeed, there are all sorts of additional costs to consider such as legal fees, repairs, decoration, surveys and letting agents costs. 

The good news is that you don’t always have to have the full cash value of the property you want to purchase as an investment to hand. Indeed, several approaches can be useful here. The first is to seek funding for rental property investing from a specialist financial company. Something that will enable you to build your portfolio quickly and easily. 

Alternatively, you may wish to join with others in a consortium, pooling your money and using the total to invest. Of course, the advantage of this is that you will have access to much higher priced properties that you would if be investing alone. Something that means you may be in line for a much higher return as well.

The practicalities of your investment 

There are several practical issues that you need to think about before investing and they all relate to the most important of them all – that is how much you can charge per month for your rental. 

For example, think about and research the type of tenants in the area. Will you be leasing to families, individuals, students or high-end business people, as this will impact on the figure you can ask. 

You also need to consider what the area itself is like. Ask questions such as whether it is a popular location, whether it has good transport links, good service and facilities, as all of these can make your rental more appealing too. 

Whether you want to be a hands-on or off landlord 

Finally, you will need to consider what type of landlord you want to be. Many people are happy to have property located close to the oven so they can pop over and check on things and do any repairs that are required quickly. 

However, others are much happier letting a leasing agent take care of issues like maintenance, as payment collections. If this is the case then opting for a property farther away from your own is probably the best idea. Indeed, some people even choose to invest in properties overseas as all elements of the leasing processes can be taken care of by a leasing company for them. Something that means they only need to word about the initial investment and any returns.