5 Investments That Can Make You Money Fast

Some investments take years to see a noticeable return.

If you’re looking for an investment strategy that will make you money fast, there are a few different options that you can consider. 

Here are just some of those investment strategies.

Day Trading

Day trading involves buying and selling a share or asset within 24 hours. It can be a quick way of making a small return. 

It can, however, be very risky and you may lose all your money. There are many guides online that can help you to get involved in day trading

Stocks and shares and forex are some of the most common financial instruments to trade within a day.


Cryptocurrency has proven itself to be highly volatile, which means that it has the potential to make you a lot of money fast (or lose it all). 

Some cryptocurrencies are more volatile than others and it’s worth always doing your homework. 

There are guides online that can help you to get involved in cryptocurrency trading.


Another option could be CFD trading. This is a form of derivative trading in which you can make money based on the price change of assets without actually owning these assets. 

Many people are drawn to CFDs because it’s possible to access many of the world’s markets from one account, plus you can make a return fast. 

There is however a lot of risks involved and you could lose a lot of money if you’re not careful. 

There are guides to CFD trading online that can help you to understand this form of investment. 

There are similar forms of investment such as spread betting that can maximize your potential profits.

Flipping Property

Property investment is generally a long-haul form of investment, however ‘flipping’ can help you to make a return in a much shorter period of time. 

This involves buying a property at a low value and selling it soon after at a higher value. The most effective way to add value is to make repairs and improvements. 

This could include anything from converting an unused loft to adding a new kitchen. 

The aim is to spend as little fixing up the property while adding as much value as possible. Experienced property investors can flip a property within a month.

Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending involves giving money to another individual online as a loan. They then pay back this money with interest, helping you to make a return. 

It may be possible to offer someone a short term loan and make a return within a year. 

When engaging in this form of investment, you should always go through an official peer to peer lending site

Such sites can often offer protection if someone that you lend to defaults on their payments.


An Introduction To Intraday Data

At FirstRate Data, they often encounter investors looking to trade over shorter periods (under a week) and trying to understand how to interpret intraday data.

What is Intraday Data?

investment returns

Most stock investors will be familiar with end-of-day data which provides the daily high, low, close and volume for a stock on a given day. 

Intraday data provides this information in ‘bars’ at a given time-interval during the day

For example, for the Dow Jones Industrial Index – DJI Intraday, the below are the first 1-minute bars for Jan 2, 2020 : 

{timestamp, open, high, low, close, volume}

2020-01-02 09:30:00,28639.0,28666.6,28638.9,28666.5,748305

2020-01-02 09:31:00,28666.3,28670.9,28655.6,28656.6,999749

Note that there is also a second type of intraday data – tick data, which is every trade (ie ‘tick’) recorded in sequence. 

Tick data can be very powerful in short-term price forecasting. 

However, the size, cost, and complexity of using it will typically restrict its use to professionals and institutions such as hedge funds. 

The first question most investors have is what interval should be used since bars of 1-second up to 1-hour are usually available. 

The general rule is that the intraday bar should be 10 – 20 bars for the investor’s expected holding period. 

For example, if the investor is looking to hold a stock for, on average, 3 days then 1-hour bars would be appropriate since 18 1-hour bars would be generated during a 3-day period. 

By contrast, an investor looking to only hold a stock for 2 hours would probably elect to use 5-minute bars which would have 24 bars available for the 2 hours expected holding period. 

How to Use and Analyse Intraday Data

Although both daily and intraday data have open, high, low, close data points there are important differences between the two timeframes. 

For daily data, the most important data point is the close (as this is the final price that market participants agree on and will hold overnight). 

For intraday data, the open and close do not carry the same level of importance as the bar’s high and low price, are the most important data points. 

Broadly there are two methods of analyzing intraday data – quantitative and chart-based. 

Both methods are looking for the same patterns and trends but a chart-based approach is the most accessible for beginners. 

There are several types of charts which display intraday data, the one they normally favor is the candlestick for the depth of information it displays and ease of visually identifying trading patterns.

Below is an example of a candle for a 1-minute bar for Apple’s stock on Jan 2, 2020:

The peak of the candle is the bar high, with the top of the candle ‘body’ being close, the bottom of the body being open and the lowest point being low. 

Candles have a unique property, in that the color of the body conveys information. 

In an unfilled candle as above, the bar is an uptick where the close is above the open and the candle is unfilled if the bar was a downtick the open and close would be reversed and the candle would be filled. 

This at first appears confusing, but it becomes clear when looking at a candle chart over an intraday period as below:

The first thing that can obviously be noted in the above candle chart of Apple’s stock price on Jan 4 is the large number of unfilled (or white) candles. 

These outnumber the filled (black) by approximately 5-1 (note this does not always occur during an upward price move where 2-1 or even 1.5-1 ratios are common). 

This is an extremely bullish signal reflecting investor’s strong demand for the stock and was indeed the basis for a rally in the stock for the next three days that took the share price up 6%. 

The other bullish signal in this chart is the number of candles where the high is very close to the close. 

This indicates that even within the bar period that the price is constantly moving up and ends the bar close to the high. 

Intraday charting with candles can provide a wealth of information and insights as to a stock’s future price movements, we will examine move insights in the next article. 

This is a guest post from FirstRate Data. FirstRate Data is a leading provider of high-resolution intraday stock market, crypto and fx data. They source data direct from major exchanges and test all datasets for consistency and completeness.

Trading: How it Can Be Made Secure?

Have you ever wondered why many new traders end up losing money and quitting the market? 

That can be due to a lot of reasons, such as lack of experience or a strategy. But above all, that’s because they are not aware of the safe and secure ways to trade. 

When we use the word ‘secure’, we don’t just mean the right strategies and skill, but we also refer to being safe from scammers who are out there to get your money in any way they can.

While many of the traders end up quitting and losing their money, others continue to make good bucks and explore new opportunities. 

When you have some hard-earned capital at hand, you want to invest it in the most intelligent ways. 

If simply put, it requires some shrewdness, wisdom, as well as the right amount of caution to stand-out from the rest as a successful trader.

If you are beginning to put your money in the stocks or forex, make sure you read the following details carefully to make the most of your trading endeavors, securely. 

So, let’s begin.

Look for Authentic Stocks

Regardless of how lucrative a particular stock may seem, you should always make efforts to validate its details. 

To do so, you may carry-out extensive and thorough research, such as through online resources or seek advice from a trading expert. 

Some people call for being cautious about an IQ Option scam, but it is rather a platform to assist you with trading. 

If you want to make a quick check, then check the stock’s credentials, their background and history including the statistics of their progress, and whether they have any online links to provide this information. 

Also, it isn’t a bad idea to ask an experienced friend for a referral to find the right broker in a short amount of time.

Watch out for Scammers

We are living in an age of artificial intelligence (AI) and smart cities, and so are the scammers. 

Those who resort to fraudulent practices have turned away from conventional practices and adopted modern and sophisticated means to scam investors and stockbrokers, especially amateur users. 

Sometimes, they may appear in your phone’s message box impersonating a certain individual or an organization so they can deceive you. 

Such texts contain invitations to visit a particular link or sign up a particular form, which is simply a trap to acquire key information to deprive you of your money or assets.


Invest in a Secure Online System

More than four billion data breach incidents in just the first few months of 2019 are evidence that data security has turned into a huge challenge for the experts. 

Some of the stolen records are disclosed publicly, which makes the situation chaotic. In this scenario, there is truly no harm in investing in a software or an application to combat modern-day means of fraud. 

The benefit of such a platform is that it will assist you in keeping your investment data secured as well as make it convenient for you to stay organized and up to date. 

Seek Secure Stock Search

This is something that first-time investors and those looking for a broker struggle with. They visit tons of websites to determine the latest details of the stocks they wish to invest in. 

But the problem is that not many websites have the right security measures in place and so they are vulnerable to hacking attempts. 

When you visit such websites, your data may be stored with third parties and might be used for a scam. 

Oftentimes, data-driven websites whose security has been compromised contain certain spyware and adware that can land directly into your computer and cause substantial harm.

Don’t Give Away Your Data 

The first rule for investors and stockers to remember is to keep their investment data private to themselves. 

One of the methods that scammers use to deprive you of your information is the phishing emails. These contain carefully generated subject lines to compel you to open them. 

They often ask you to send an email or make a phone call, all of which may lead to a deepening stock investment fraud. 

The same is the case with social media as there are people who may offer to provide you some advice related to stocks or an ‘ideal broker’.

Never Ignore Caution

Irrespective of your standing as a professional investor, you can never be safe from attempts on your privacy unless you have adopted security measures. 

Sometimes, professional brokers set aside safety and ignore the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and security protocols. But doing so doesn’t do anything but invite trouble. 

Whether it is the phone or email that you are communicating through, don’t give away sensitive or confidential information relating to your stocks or investments. 

Never throw caution to the wind even if you think you’re dealing with someone you have known for years.

Make Use of Multiple Sources

And last but not least, this is something that’s not specifically related to security, but is related to intelligent investment. 

As the saying goes, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, you should not heavily invest in just one stock. 

Explore multiple sources and carry out enough research to be sure to determine which stocks are the best. 

Also, when choosing a broker, pick someone who does not just have some coveted credentials, but who also has the passion to go beyond numbers and win the right investments for you.


The notion that ‘with opportunities come risks’ is indeed true, and invites us to think about securing our information relating to investments and stocks. 

The fact that many new stock investors give up too soon may be due to cutthroat competition, but it is also due to poor or inadequate security measures. 

To remain safe, you must safeguard your sensitive information by putting the right measures and strategies in place. 

Only then can you invest in your favorite stocks with complete peace of mind.

How Do Currencies Swap Work?

Do you have any idea what currency swaps are? They are a critical instrument employed by banks and multinational corporations and investors all over the world.

A currency swap is basically a contract between two parties involving some sort of interest payment and in some cases principal amounts exchange while gaining exposure to the desired currency.

To put it in simpler words, it is an exchange of currency between two parties. It’s usually a company or bank that is the typical party of swap and not necessarily an individual.

This type of swap is also commonly known as a cross-currency swap. There are a lot of similarities between currency swaps and forex swaps and they both function in a similar manner to some extent.

However, some major differences set them apart from each other.

ricky guiterrez-2

Difference between FOREX Swaps and Currency Swaps

According to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), regardless of currency swap, in a forex swap, no exchange of interest occur throughout the contract term. However, the number of funds are exchanged when the contract is about to end.

Forex swaps are utilized by the parties to offset the risk of the exchange rate. Whereas a currency swap can be used to offset both interest rate as well as exchange rate risk.

Financial corporations usually use currency swaps (cross-currency swaps) to fund foreign currency investments.

The duration can range anywhere from 1 to 30 years. Whereas, conventional investors and exporters/importers frequently use forex swaps are that need to strengthen their financial positions.

The duration can range anywhere from one day to one year and in some cases, even longer.

Each of these swaps has distinctive features that make them appropriate for different purposes depending on the investment standpoint and the investor’s risk profile.

Breakdown of Currency Swap Contracts

Currency swaps generally depend on two streams of floating or fixed interest payments dubbed in two dissimilar currencies. The interest payments transfer ensues of rates that are already pre-determined.

Additionally, if the swapping parties decide to exchange principal amounts, these amounts must be swapped at the exact exchange rate on the maturity date.

Currency swaps are most often used to avoid potential risks regarding the ongoing currency exchange rate fluctuations or acquire the lowest possible interest rates on loans in a foreign currency.

However, companies or corporations that operate in different countries utilize currency swap.

forex charts

Types of Currency Swaps

The classification of Currency swaps based on types of streams (legs) involved in an agreement or a contract just like a conventional interest rate swap. The most conventional types of currency swaps encountered are as follows:

  • Fixed vs Fixed

In a typical fixed vs fixed currency swap, both legs and streams of currency swap contracts experience payments at a fixed interest rate.

  • Float vs Fixed

In this type of a currency swap contract, one stream of interest payment is fixed, while the other leg represents a stream of floating interest payments.

  • Float vs Float

Float vs float currency swap contract is usually referred to as a basis swap. In this type of currency swap contract, both swaps streams comprise of floating interest payments.

How Does A Currency Swap Work?

For better understanding, let’s assume there are two parties ‘A’ and ‘B’. Both parties are under a contract that allows them to exchange the principal amount of loan along with the applicable interest rate in A’s native currency for a corresponding principal amount with the interest rate applicable to it in B’s currency.

In a typical currency swap scenario, the first party A borrows a definite amount of foreign currency from party B at a pre-determined foreign exchange rate.

During this period party A also lends a corresponding amount in its native currency to party B. Throughout the duration of the contract, both parties pay back at the exchange interest rate in the currency of the principal amount that was received.

Once the contract expires at a later date, both parties can repay the principal amount to each other.

Another good example would be a cross-currency swap between an American and European company. In which the American company borrows 1 billion EUR while lending 500 million USD to the European company with a pre-determined exchange rate of 2 EUR per USD indexed New York Interbank Rate after the initiation of the contract.

During the contract period, the American company will every so often receive interest payments from its European counterpart along with a basis swap price.

It will also be paying the European company in EUR at the interbank rate. After the expiration of the contract, the American company will pay 1 billion EUR back to the European company and receive its starting 500 million USD.


How Is A Currency Swap Beneficial?

Often times, it is not feasible to get desirable loans in foreign countries. For example, an institution or a business owner might have a hard time getting foreign loans at a desirable and low-interest rate.

In your native home country, however, it’s moderately easy to get loans with desirable interest rates as compared to foreign ones. Similarly, a foreign business owner might find it difficult to get similarly favorable terms in your native country.

Other countries can say the same for you. These situations create the perfect conditions for a currency swap. By signing a currency swap contract between yourself and a foreign business owner, both the parties can, in essence, take care of the loans for each other.

Afterward, they can swap these loans so that both parties receive the benefits of a lower interest rate.

It is very common for swaps to last for a long time based on the contract agreement. During this period, the exchange rate in the market will change drastically more often times than not.

To avoid this fluctuation in exchange rates, business owners or institutions lean towards currency swaps. By agreeing on a currency swap contract, they get to know the exact amount of how much money they will be receiving as well as how much they will be paying back in the future.

There are a variety of ways to pay the interest, such as paying at a floating rate, fixed-rate or even with the combination of two where one party pays at a floating rate while others pay at a fixed one.

Final Thoughts

Currency swap contracts are basically instruments used by corporations and businesses all over the world to counter the constant exchange rate variation in the market. They are usually used for medium to long term periods.

It is always important to learn about the forex market as much as possible as more knowledge of the trading environment will provide you with opportunities to earn interest from currency swaps.


5 Things to Look for in an Online Broker

Finding an online Forex broker can be a fairly confusing task, particularly when you don’t know exactly what you are doing. Granted, as a veteran, you may know all there is to look for – but when you are a beginner or someone that has not been around for long, it might be rather difficult for you to make the right choice.

However, with proper research, you may easily find an online broker that you can trust. You just need to ask the right questions and look for specific things. Here is what a veteran would look for in an online broker.


The first thing to look for in an online broker is, without a doubt, the security that they provide. You need to make sure that they are high level. After all, you won’t just be giving thousands of dollars to someone who just claims they are legit, right?

Checking this is not going to be difficult. There are countless regulatory agencies that you can trust, and you may even check with Trusted Broker Reviews to see exactly what you may expect of them. This will help you separate the trustworthy from the fraudulent.

Deposits and Withdrawals

A good online broker will let you deposit your funds and withdraw everything that you earn without any hassle. In all truth, they have no intention to make it difficult for you – mainly because the only reason they take your funds is to make the trading process easier.

Transaction Costs

When you are looking for an online broker, you also need to keep the transaction costs in mind. No matter what type of broker you are, you will always be subjected to them.

For each payment, you will have to pay for either a commission or a spread – and obviously, you might want to look for the one that has the most affordable fares. Granted, you may have to sacrifice low transaction sometimes in order to get a more reliable broker.

Trading Platform

When it comes to Forex trading, most of the activity that occurs is on a broker’s trading platform. This is why you have to make sure that said platform is stable and user-friendly. Look at what the broker’s platform has to offer and see whether they are worth the investment or not.

Customer Support

No broker is ever perfect – which is why you need to go for a broker that you know you can rely on, should a problem arise. You need to be able to contact them easily, even if you are just in need of some after-sales support.

They should also be able to perform efficiently when you are contacting them with a problem and want to have it solved immediately.

Finding a good broker can be a simple task, provided you know exactly where to look for him. Make sure that you do your research properly and that you choose the best broker available.

Ricky Guiterrez – The Day Trader

Surely you have seen youngsters these days exploding as entrepreneurs these days. Among them is a young man named Ricky Guiterrez. Ricky is a 24 year old day trader from Arizona. You may have seen him featured on a YouTube video making $11,000 in just 24 hours. Safe to say the young man has done quite well for himself.

Ricky has become a YouTube sensation through teaching other traders his strategies either on his YouTube channel or his “Learn Plan Profit” course. Ricky took his talents of trading penny stocks and bought his first house at the age of 20 and claims to make north of six million dollars a year. Along with day trading Ricky also invests in real estate, car flipping, and has a series of online businesses.

Why Should You Care?

ricky guiterrez-2

In today’s society, anyone with internet and some ambition can get an online business off the ground. Having all of these business resources easily accessible can also lead to lazy entrepreneurs cutting corners and misleading people.

If you are looking to jump into any business venture the quickest way to excel is finding a mentor and tweaking it in your own way. There are hundreds of thousand day traders that have paid money in order to make Ricky their day trading mentor.

The question however is, are these people in good hands? Or just victim to a clever boondoggle?

So What’s The Deal?

Ricky is educating inspiring day traders through his program called LPP or “Learn Plan Profit”. For a price of $299 you can enroll in this course and be well on your way to learning how to trade like Ricky…or will you?

According to fellow day trader Patrick Wieland, Ricky Guiterrez is nothing more than a fraud. Now Wieland has admitted that Ricky offered to buy his ex-girlfriend a plane ticket to Arizona for “a good time” so his opinion may be a little biased.

However, the reason you are learning about Wieland today is because he actually makes a valid point. He simply asks that if Ricky is as profitable as he say he is, then how come he has never shown a audited broker statement? Ricky’s alleged response to this claim was that he wants to keep his finances private.

This is typically a reasonable answer but there is only one problem. Almost all of Ricky’s trading videos consist of him telling you how much money he made anyway. So what would be the issue of showing the broker statement.

How Should You Know Who To Believe?

Now there is the million dollar question. If you are looking to jump start you career as a trader should you risk taking a chance on Ricky’s trading program. Although Patrick Wieland has a valid question that deserves an answer, he never actually joined Ricky’s trading program.

Along with his clear bias against Ricky Guiterrez, him not actually enrolling in the program makes his testimony just a tad fickle. Another trader who had a year of experience before joining LPP also had some input of his own. He goes by “Stock Talk” on his respective YouTube channel.

Mr. Stock Talk claims that he left solely because there were too many obnoxious traders in the group chat. After becoming tired of this group chat, he moved to one of Ricky’s more private chat group. Mr. Stock Talk then realized that the this chat room also began to get infested with complainers and bad energy.

Mr. Stock Talk also explained that Ricky Guiterrez was only available for about 45 minutes to an hour everyday. If you are paying $300 to learn a skill you would probably want a little more attention. Due to the large amount of students Ricky has no possible way of helping each and every person out.

Mr. Stock Talk claims that approximately 90 percent of the information that Ricky gives to the chat members is also available on his YouTube channel. This means as long as you have internet connection you could do your own due diligence and learn the trading strategies yourself. Mr. Stock Talk says that if you are a beginner trader than it may be a worthwhile investment.

Honestly, Ricky has already made a huge amount of money from his courses. This is probably why he does not care that you see his material for free on YouTube. He may have realized the direction of his chat and chose to put information on YouTube to collect revenue streams.

However, despite all of the criticism Mr. Stock talk does go on to say that he has learned a lot of valuable information from Ricky. Mr. Stock Talk says that he learned trading discipline. He talks about how he learned be patient enough for a stock to just begin its rise before buying.

Where Should You Go To Learn Trading?

Quite simple. Go to his YouTube channel. It would be much wiser to just subscribe to his YouTube channel rather than spending $300 on a program. Sure you are in a chat with like minded people but that is what YouTube’s comment section is for. You can network on there just like a chat room, especially on live streams.

Ricky has over 600k subscribers so the guy must be doing or saying something right. You can learn his trade strategies for free and use that $300 to test the waters yourself. Remember no matter who you decide to follow or allow to mentor you, there is no teacher like experience.

Even though Rick may have a level of transparency to his trades, he probably is not going to show you what makes him maximum profits. That just would not be the

actions of an astute businessman. You can still learn strategies and concepts that can make you money. If you are looking to master a craft or skill then you should be reading up on everything and listening to everything possible.

Take notes from what makes sense to you and throw out what doesn’t. Not to say stay in your comfort zone but you these trade gurus are just guides not absolute messiahs.

When Should You Subscribe?

Right now.

Collective2 Review

Are you trying to find a profitable trading strategy? Are you losing money consistently while trading?

If yes, you might be thinking about using a ready-made strategy. However, it is not easy to find one.

Due to the same problem, most people resort to social trading platforms. On these platforms, they can copy other successful traders. One such platform goes by the name of Collective2. The question, however, is this platform good enough?

Before you make your mind regarding this platform, you can go through our Collective2 review to understand more.

What Is Collective2 All About?

About Collective2

It is a social trading platform. On the platform, you can track successful traders. You can monitor the strategies and even mimic them. You can cherry-pick the traders depending on their trading strategy and mimic the same. It means that you will not have to create your trading system. You can imitate someone else.

However, the best feature of this platform is that you can automate the process. It is known as auto trading. For a subscription fee, the platform allows you to automate the mimicking process. It means that you will not have to initiate the trades of a particular strategy leader manually. The platform will do that for you.

The record of the traders is available to the members, who want to follow the trading strategy. Thus, you can either buy and sell manually or automatically.

Now that you are aware of the gist of the platform, we will delve into the Creator of the platform to understand more about it.

Who Is The Creator?


Mathew Klein is the founder of Collective2. He has been spearheading the platform since 2001. Over the years, he has raised over $ 50 million in funding, as well. So, you can be sure that the platform is legit and has stood the test of time. Due to this very reason, there is no doubt about the credibility of the Creator of the platform.

What Is Included In Collective2?

We will go into the details of various features on offer by the platform.

Strategy leaderboard

Collective2 Strategy Leaderboard
Link: https://www.collective2.com/about-featured-systems

A social trading platform is only useful if you can spot the right traders. That is why, this platform offers you a strategy leaderboard. With the help of this leaderboard, you will not only be able to spot the right traders but also filter them according to your requirements. It means that finding the right trader to mimic is quite easy. You also have an add-to-watchlist feature, which means that you can monitor that trader without having to go through the other traders.

Broker Transmit

It is the feature that can help you automate your trading. The broker Transmit feature will automatically send a trading signal to your broker account. The strategies of traders to whom you have subscribed will get delivered to your broker. The broker account will initiate the trades based on these signals. As a result, you will not have to shift your trading account either.

When you sign up for auto trading, you will know about the list of compatible brokers. As a result, it will become easy to buy and sell automatically.

Abides by the rules and regulations

The laws in the US prevent any individual from providing personalized financial advice. That is why, the trade leaders are not allowed to send personalized financial recommendations or commands to any particular subscriber. As a result, the platform abides by the rules and regulations.

Simulating a strategy

simulating a strategy

Users of the platform can also invent a strategy. There are numerous strategies listed on the platform. You can go through the description of the strategy and trading history, as well. After that, you can simulate the trading plan or choose the auto trading option to buy and sell according to the strategy.

Thus, if you want to stick to a single strategy rather than a trader, that is certainly possible, as well.

The best thing about the strategies to have is that it has the past performance data, and therefore selecting the right one is comparatively easy.

Customizing auto trades

You can customize the auto trading options to transact only in a few assets rather than mimic the trader or the strategy across the assets. You can customize the settings for the stop-loss as well. As a result, if you want to customize the auto trade mechanism further, you can do so. It will allow you to reduce your risk by a significant margin.

It is a win-win situation as you can follow a successful strategy-leader and reduce your risk at the same time.

Member reviews

The platform allows you to review any strategy. The only caveat is that you should have been following it for at least 30 days.

You can interact on the message boards as well to expand your knowledge or ask questions. As a result, you can know more about the strategies and interact with others on this platform.


Want to simulate any trader or strategy?

If yes, there is a free stimulate on offer which the traders can use. It means that you will be able to monitor in real-time before putting the money on the line. It will ensure that you can customize the strategies and also reduce the chance of huge drawdowns as well.

When you look at all of these features, it is easy to understand why it is a popular social trading platform. With so many customization and trades options available; you cannot go wrong with this platform.

How Does Collective2 work? Is It a Scam?

how it works collective2

The platform offers you the ability to mimic any trader or any strategy. You can automate the mimicking process, as well. Auto-trade subscriptions will cost you anywhere from $ 20 to $ 200 per month for mimicking a strategy. There is a discount on the annual plans as well.

Since you can choose the strategy after looking at the past data and the strategy details, there is no chance of a scam.

The platform is a legit social trading platform that can help you make a significant amount of money without going into the nitty-gritty of the strategy or the fundamentals or the technicals.

Before you make up your mind about this platform, you can go through the features, pros, and cons of the platform below.


  • Simple interface
  • Hundreds of trade leaders available
  • Auto trading features
  • Customization options
  • Established platform
  • Strategy based mimicking on offer


  • Credible creators
  • Easy to use platform
  • Trades available across financial instruments
  • Compatibility for auto trading with various brokers
  • Allows you to tweak auto trade settings
  • Complete transparency regarding past performance
  • Active forum


  • Overwhelming for new traders

Does Collective2 Work?

Yes, Collective2 works for anyone who wants to make money through financial instruments. It does not matter whether you’re looking for sound investments or just trades which you can mimic; the platform can certainly help you. It is up to you to choose the strategy. That is why; there is no pressure to follow a particular trading strategy either. These features ensure that the platform is pretty effective and works well.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for this platform?

If you want to make money by trading or to invest in financial instruments, possibly, it is one of the best trading platforms. If you wish to invest your extra capital, then as well it is the perfect option for you. Since it requires no knowledge on the part of the investor, it is suitable for almost anyone.


All in all, Collective2 is a social trading platform that can help you make money right from day one. With the help of the auto trading feature, you can make money in a completely passive fashion. Due to this very reason, if you’re on the fence regarding this platform, you should use it to your advantage.

Bulls on Wall Street Review

Do you want to take advantage of the financial markets to make money? Are you trying to navigate the tricky waters of the financial markets with no success?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, our review today will help you. The product which we will be highlighting today is known as Bulls on Wall Street. It claims to be an educational stocks course which helps you know more about the financial markets.

We know, the question which would be plaguing your mind is, does this course actually work?

We will answer this question today in our Bulls on Wall Street review. Before you make your decision on this course, it is better to go through our review below.

What Is Bulls on Wall Street All About?

Bulls on Wall Street is a complete holistic program which can help you know the intricacies of markets. The platform includes:

  • Educational resources
  • Day trading chat rooms
  • Multiple courses
  • Live online Boot Camp

With the help of these resources, it is easy to know the intricacies of the market if you devote time to it. Before we go further, let us look at the background of the creators to understand better whether the creator of the platform is credible or not.

Who Is The Creator?

The creator of Bulls on Wall Street is Kunal Desai. He is also the CEO and the lead instructor on the platform. The platform has gained credible mentions on media websites like the Huffington Post, fortune, and the street.

Kunal Desai is joined by Paul Singh, Sayed Zaman who are all top traders. Together, they not only educate the members on various trading strategies but also share their technical analysis, trend analysis, and information on investor psychology to help members trade successfully.

According to Stockmillionaires.com, Kunal Desai has a net worth of more than $ 4 million. Thus when it comes to the creator of the platform, he’s credible enough to opt for the product.

What Is Included In Bulls on Wall Street?

The best thing about this platform is that it offers four different products. You can buy them individually, or you can buy the entire bundle. The choice is up to you. We will go into the details of these four products to help you understand what exactly Bulls on Wall Street includes.

  • Intro to Trading Course:

As the name suggests, it is a course which familiarizes you with various aspects of the market. It is suitable for intermediate investors and traders as well. You can apprise yourself with market technicals, fundamentals and financial markets.

The video content is of 3.5 hours and comes with quizzes as well, which will help you test your knowledge once you go through the video course.

The stand-alone cost of this video course is $ 197. However, if you opt for an annual package of Bulls vision, it comes free.

  • 60-Day Trading Boot camp:

The module which we are speaking about now consists of 60 hours of live online instructions. Also, you will get lifetime access to that course material. It includes a physical coursebook, quizzes, trading simulator, and even one-on-one coaching.

Besides that, you will gain access to community support as well. Thus, when it comes to 60 Day trading Boot Camp, it can turn you from a beginner to a knowledgeable trader within 60 days.

The cost of the Bootcamp is hidden, but it is in the range of $ 2800. The fact that it has live online instruction on offer, it is certainly worth that price.

  • Bulls vision:

Bulls Vision allows you to follow Desai in real-time. You can access market commentary and the trades in which he is taking part. The annual subscription cost is $ 799.

The fact that you get trade alerts in real-time, it is worth it. A handful of trades can help you recover the subscription cost.

Besides that, you will get 24/7 chat room access and also trade screenshots. You will also gain access to its exclusive blog posts which means that all the information which you need to mend a significant profit from the financial markets will be available.

If you have faith in the creator of this platform, this is the subscription which you should buy.

  • Swing Trade Alerts:

Paul Singh leads this product. It is the product which you should opt for if you’re looking for short-term scalping trades. The cost of this product is $ 49 a month if you opt for the annual plan. If you want to go with the monthly plan, it will cost you $ 99 per month.

In this product, you will get between 2 to 5 weekly picks on stocks. These will be sent to you by SMS as well as email. Along with it, you will get the in-depth market analysis, day trade reports, and even mentorship sessions.

So, not only you can benefit from the swing trades but also the man behind the service as well. That is what makes it such a good option.

As you can see, all the products on this platform provide you with not only excellent value for money but also an opportunity to make a significant amount of money. That is why; they are worth trying.

We will now help you understand how you can use Bulls on Wall Street to your advantage.

How Does Bulls on Wall Street Work? Is It a Scam?

Depending on the module which you choose, you can get tips on intra-day trading, or you can get weekly trading picks. You can also follow the creator of the platform in real-time as he creates his way through. That is why; all you need is to follow these steps.

If you’re looking for a trading educational course, you can go with the module one that will apprise you with the basics of technical trading and how financial markets work.

The beauty of this product is that if you want to get any help related to the financial markets, whether it is ready-made tips or just information, this platform can benefit you.

So, to answer the question, is it a scam? We would say – No, definitely not.

We will now summarize the features of this platform to help you understand why it stands out.


  • Different solutions on offer
  • Ability to monitor the trades by creators in real-time
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Extensive information on offer
  • Actionable education
  • Community support


  • Great value for money
  • Trader oriented solutions
  • Credible creators
  • Easy to get a positive ROI
  • Active community and chat room
  • Suitable for almost everyone


  • Can be overwhelming at the start

Does Bulls on Wall Street Work?

The best thing about Bulls on Wall Street is that it works for anyone willing to put in the time and effort to not just go through different modules but also take action on the information provided. That is why, if you are searching for a trading course which can make you money, you should not ignore this platform.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Bulls on Wall Street?

Whether you’re looking to gain information regarding the financial markets and technical analysis or want tips which you can readily follow, this platform offers you all of that.

With this platform, you can directly mimic the trades of the creator as well which means that if you do not want to invest time and money in understanding the technicals, then also it is suitable for you.

In a nutshell, anyone who wants to make money through trading will find this platform ideal and profitable. That is why; this platform is suitable for almost everyone.


So, if you are in two minds when it comes to Bulls on Wall Street, we would advise you to go for it. With so many different services and modules on offer, you can find the one that can suit your needs. Moreover, the service in itself can help you earn hefty profits from the financial markets.

That is why, it is a platform which you should definitely subscribe to if you’re serious about making money from the financial markets.

Finviz – A Full Overview

Simply put, Investing can make you rich. Take the example of Apple, Amazon, Microsoft over the years. It is an unwritten rule that if you can pick the right stocks, you can end up being rich in just a decade or so.
The question is, of course – how to pick the right stocks?

Among the plethora of options, the probability of picking the right stock is pretty low. The time it takes to shortlist a handful of stock options is enormous. However, there is an easy way out.

You can use a stock screener to pick a handful of stocks from the vast options available in just minutes. Stock screeners are websites which allow you to filter out the stock’s which do not meet your criteria.

All that is good but which stock screener should you choose?

That is what we will help you out today. We will share with you one of the best stock screeners you can use. We are speaking about Finviz. We will go into the nitty-gritty of this stock picker to help you decipher whether it is suitable for you or not.

What Is Finviz All About?

FinViz Stands for Financial Visualization. It offers:

  • Market maps
  • Analysis tools
    • Stock screeners (basic and advanced)

The screener clearly states that it can help you conduct financial research and analysis and even visualization to a certain extent. A single glance at the website will let you know that it has a neatly organized interface. Irrespective of the tools which you use or the information that you plot on charts, it is easy to decipher and use.

The tools on offer are highly visual, which means that there is little to no learning curve involved when using this stock screener. So, you can save your time by going with this screener. The range of tools on offer and the information which you can plot on the charts makes it suitable for not just beginners but also professional traders and investors.

A golden nugget is that it gives you a glimpse of the bulk of the market activity on its homepage. That is why you can be in the know of things just by visiting the website.

Now that you know the basics of Finviz, let us look at the creators of the tool to comprehend more about this platform.

Who Is The Creator?

Juraj Duris is the founder of FinViz. He is a successful investor and has invested in not just startups but also financial markets. He has grown FinViz over the years to make it one of the most popular screeners.

He is an investor himself and hence has taken care to include all the necessary tools and information which other investors and traders might need for trading and investing. So, when it comes to the credibility of the creator, there are no doubts.

What Is Included In Finviz?

FinViz has a lot on offer. We will go into the details of this tool below.


On the website, the first things which you will come across are the candlestick charts of:

  • Dow
  • S&P 500

Apart from these, tables depict more information characterized by:

  • Top gainers
  • New high
  • Overbought stocks
  • Stocks with unusual volumes
  • Socks that received upgrades
  • Top losers
  • Most volatile
  • New low
  • Most active
  • Stocks slated to come out with earnings
  • Stocks that have just released earnings
  • Stocks with insider buying
  • Stocks with insider selling

Apart from this, there is a heat map of the market spread across sectors like technology, services, finance, and consumption. Additionally, the home page lists the recent news and its impact on the financial market as well as analysis. It also has a table which depicts the upcoming data releases and earnings releases. Along with it, there is also a table of commodities and forex and bonds.

Thus, a single look at the homepage will let you know the condition of the entire market and the sentiment as well. However, that is not all.

Apart from the homepage, it consists of numerous other pages which have a different offering. We will go into the details of these pages below.


Finviz is predominantly a screener tool. That is why; the main offerings of this tool are on the screener page. The filters under the screener page are mainly divided into three groups. These are:

  1. Descriptive filters:

The Descriptive filters include things like market cap, earning state, average volume, dividend yield, industry, and so on.

  1. Fundamental filters:

Fundamental filters include filters like P/E, Forward P/E, EPS growth this year, sales growth quarter on quarter, quick ratio, net profit margin, and so on.

  1. Technical Filters:

Technical filters include filters like 20-day simple moving average, 50-day simple moving average, 52 weeks high and low, RSI, beta and so on.

As you can see, the screener page provides you with numerous filters which can help you find the stocks which meet your criteria. As a result, rather than going through hundreds of different stocks, you can now filter them out in a jiffy to find the ones which might be worth investing.


The groups’ page allows you to classify the stocks according to the sector, industry, and then filter them with the help of market cap, P/E ratio, and various other such parameters. It will help you get a snapshot of any industry and its performance across different periods.


The insider page provides you with more information regarding the insider trades carried out in the recent past. It will let you know in which company the insiders are selling or buying.


The news page syndicates recent news reports across various websites like:

  • Bloomberg
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Market watch
  • CNBC

In the financial markets, especially if you’re trading, the news can help you enter successful trades. Moreover, when you have information syndicated from various sources, chances are you will know about such news releases at least a few crucial seconds before the general market knows it. This page alone can help you make a lot of money if you know how to use this information.

Heat maps:

The page lets you know about the current condition of the market across various sectors and industries in a jiffy. You can even filter the heat maps to view precisely the indices or stocks in which you are interested.

Charts and Quotes:

This page aims to provide you with charts (delayed) and quotes for completely free without registration.


Under the portfolio section, you can register for free and save your market portfolio and monitor it.


It is a private discussion platform where one trader can interact with others. It also allows traders to subscribe to channels of other traders. That is why, if you want to socialize in your group, this is the place to do so.


If you are more interested in futures & options rather than the cash markets, this page can help you out.


The forex page works similar to the futures page but displays various currencies.


Backtest page allows you to test various strategies in the past. However, it is available only to elite users.


If you’re looking to get additional benefits from this tool, then it is better to go with elite membership. It can offer you many other features like:

  • Real-time market data
  • Advanced charts
  • Advanced screeners
  • Correlations
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Backtesting

We will go into the details of the Elite membership below and how you can use it to make a great deal of money using FinViz.

How Does Finviz Work?

While the completely free and Registered Free plans of FinViz offer a lot of data, but if you’re serious about making money by selecting stocks, you should go for the elite membership.

The additional features help you stay ahead of various other traders and investors. Moreover, it can also reduce your effort to make money from the financial markets. The elite membership has features like:

  • Up to 100 screeners
  • Backtesting
  • Real-time charts
  • Chatting with and following other traders
  • Advanced charts
  • Email alerts

It means that you can keep a tab on the market activity consistently. Each of these features has its advantage.

When looking to trade in the markets, you always need real-time information. Only once you have real-time data, it is easy for you to enter profitable trades.

Moreover, if you can use a handful of screeners, you might not be able to shortlist the right stocks. That is why; when it comes to screening features; you need complete freedom. Finviz provides you with the same when you go for the elite plan.

Similarly, the charts also play a crucial role along with real-time alerts when you plan on trading or investing in the market.

As you can see, each feature of the elite membership makes it worth it. It can increase your profits if you trade and invest already or if you’re planning to dip your toes into the stock markets, it can certainly give you a head start.

Of course, once you go for the elite membership, you will not be using these features on a stand-alone basis. You will be using them cumulatively, which makes them a potent tool to help you make money from the financial markets.

Thus, FinViz provides you with a lot of data, but, if you want to put it into action, the elite membership is a must. It will ensure that you can create a proper system using this tool and trade and invest accordingly.


  • Offers a lot of data
  • Allows you to filter stocks easily
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Three different plans (free, registered free and elite)
  • Covers commodity, forex, futures and cryptocurrency markets
  • Helps you track your portfolio


  • Suitable for beginners & experts
  • Simple navigation
  • Multiple asset coverage
  • Time-saving filters
  • Displays News Alerts from various sources


  • Bit overwhelming

Does Finviz Work?

Of course, the question which you might have by now is, does Finviz work?

The answer is that yes, it does work. It all depends on how you are using the tool. It provides you with tons of information. If you can refine that information and convert it into actionable data, you can make money with the help of this tool.

While at the start, it might seem like a lot of information but once you correlate that information with the movements in the market, it will be easy for you to understand how you can use this information to your advantage.

Another reason why this tool works so brilliantly is that it can help you filter out the sites with the help of many different screeners. It means that you will not have to do so manually and therefore you can save a lot of time. The screeners can allow you to build your system, whether it is for trading or for investing. It gives you complete freedom on how you can use the tool.

With so many ways to use it, you’re bound to find one which works the best for you.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Finviz?

One of the advantages of this tool is that it can work for everyone.

Are you planning on just tracking the market?

If yes, then also it can work for you.

Do you trade currently?

If yes, it can make your trading strategy more precise.

Do you invest for the long term?

If yes, it can help you pick the right stocks with ease.

As you can see, it is suitable for almost anyone. If you want to do anything related to the financial markets, including commodities, cryptos, and forex, it is a tool which you cannot ignore.

If you’re serious about making money by creating asset classes, the elite plan should be your best choice to help you gain maximum chances of generating profits.


Finviz can single-handedly help you make money from the financial markets. It is a tool with a plethora of different options. Whatever strategy you use while trading asset classes; it can help you with all of them. Rather than having to juggle across various websites to gain the information or data which you need, it is a tool that can help you on a stand-alone basis.

If you want to grab opportunities like:

  • Picking the next Amazon
  • Knowing which cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum
  • Using leverage in futures to make a windfall
  • And so on

Finviz is the perfect option to go for without any second thoughts. With Finviz, you can grab the opportunities that you were waiting for.

Using the elite membership, you can raise the effectiveness of this tool manifolds. That is why, if you’re genuinely interested in making money by trading or investing, Finviz is a tool which you cannot ignore.

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The Top 4 Penny Stocks Trading Chat Rooms

While the concept of trading stocks online can be quite confusing, you can easily become a pro trader in a short period. Most traders shy away from investing due to volatility and the high-risk involved.

But when you have the passion to succeed, it’s not hard. Day trading chat rooms are online platforms where successful traders share their trading activities. Here are the top 4 chat rooms to contemplate.

#1 Timothy Sykes’ Pennystocking Silver chat room

timothy sykes

This chat room is owned by Timothy Sykes, a self-made guru in online stock trading. Tim made a name for himself after turning $12,415 into $1.6 million. The strategies he shares are derived from his own personal experiences. He works alongside Michael Goode (one of his
millionaire students).

In this chat room, traders share their technical and fundamental analysis of trading penny stocks. Because Sykes programs have so many subscribers, the pricing is pocket-friendly. Normally, Pennystock silver charges $149.95 per month which is lower than other comparable services. Novice traders can access over 4,400 existing video lessons.

While the chat room is a bit noisy due to many subscribers, you can filter for moderator posts. More interestingly, you’ll get alerts every time Tim makes a trade. It’s worth mentioning that these alerts are not for copying trades, but to give valuable information on the moves he’s making. These alerts will cost you $ 74.95 per month.

The Pros

  • You can access real-time alerts
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Extensive video library
  • You can use the iPhone and Android app
  • The moderators keep everything organized during the market hours

The Cons

  • Tim’s extravagant lifestyle makes it look like a fraud

#2 Nathan Michaud’s Investors Underground chat room

iuThis is one of the vibrant day trading chat rooms on the web. It was created in 2008 by Nathan Michaud, a renowned stock trader. Investors Underground is the home to thousands of traders who share their trading ideas in real-time. In addition to that, it encompasses some of the most successful moderators like Tim Grittani and Eric Wood.

The platform offers three types of chat rooms including Swing, OTC, and Momentum chat room. During the market hours, they don’t allow off chart topics. To access the chat rooms, you can subscribe to the different plans. One month membership goes for $1297 while three-month membership goes for $1997.

The swing chat room is managed by Michele Koenig and puts more emphasis on technical trades. He consistently shares the trading ideas and unnoted chats with the members. If your day trading involves price action, then this is the chat room to be. You also get trading alerts if you don’t want to spend the whole day sitting in front of the computer. On the other hand, OTC trading chat room has moderators who are accustomed to stock trading. They give invaluable tips on how to trade penny stocks by taking the winning positions.

The Pros

  • Ideal for novice and experienced traders
  • You’ll find prominent traders with a track record of success
  • Traders access education courses, webinars, and video lessons
  • Moderators react in real time
  • Offer multiple trading styles

The Cons

  • Lots of trading jargon

#3 Ross Cameron’s Warrior Trading Chat room

picture of ross cameron

This chat room is owned by Ross Cameron who also works as a moderator. Being one of the biggest chat rooms, there are more than 1000 members who are actively participating in daily trading activities. The instructors offer top-notch training and live market commentary. Most of them have worked with one of the biggest firms on Wall Street. To ensure traders get the best odds for success, they usually get alerts via text or email. As an active member, you’ll receive a watch list of 3-5 stocks with the biggest winning potential.

What makes Warrior trading stack up above the competition is that it caters for both beginners and experienced traders. To get access to the chat room, you should sign up to monthly, quarterly, or annual membership. The annual membership costs $75 per month where you get unlimited access to live audio/video feed. Other benefits include market commentary from pro traders, live screening stock scanners, proprietary feed, and hot stock watch list.

Secondly, the quarterly membership costs $ 149 per month. The package includes Hot stock watch list, commentary pro traders, a proprietary news feed, gap scanner, and audio/video feed. Lastly, the monthly membership costs $199 and includes daily video/audio feed, market commentary, daily hot stock watch list, live streaming stick scanners, and proprietary news feed.

The Pros

  • Offer expert trading tools
  • Ross Cameroon chimes-in frequently
  • They have state-of-the-art scanners
  • The moderators are very friendly
  • You get 3-5 stocks on the watch list

The Cons

  • The monthly subscription is on the higher side

#4 Jason Bond’s chat room

jason bond picture

This chat room was created by Jason Bond. Its main focus is to teach how to invest in low-priced stocks without being glued on your computer. Here, members get up to 10 trades per week. Additionally, you’ll gain access to a wide range of audio/video feed and unlimited educational materials. Plus, members are privileged to receive text and email alerts whenever stocks rise or fall. According to Jason, you can become a profitable trader in 3 months.

Traders can access three subscription plans depending on their trading strategy. If you’re a day or swing trader, you pay $399 to access limited features. It’s suitable for busy professionals who are looking to make a few trades every week. With this package, you get education materials like audio and video feed, email alerts, and real-time texts.

If you don’t fancy swing trading, you can subscribe to a long-term trading plan which costs $1,999. And if you’re looking to get premium mentorship from Jason you can subscribe to Millionaire Roadmap Plan at a cost of $9,999.

The Pros

  • The moderators operate with honesty and integrity
  • Excellent customer service
  • Constant updates in real-time
  • Access to a large video library
  • Jason gives his trading summary

The Cons

  • Relatively expensive

Best chat room as a beginner trader

If you want to start trading stocks, you should subscribe to Timothy Sykes chat room. It gives valuable trading insights that focus on larger trades. Besides learning his unique trading strategies, you get alerts that are sent via phone or email. Another reason that makes the chat room a one-size-fits-all package is a way of explaining. Tim has made it easy to understand.

Closing thoughts

As a new trader, you should focus on trading tools. To ensure you choose the best chat room that suits your trading activity, pay close attention to your personal trading style, amount of money you’re willing to invest, and your technical and fundamental skills.