The Challenges Every Entrepreneur Must Know


The majority of people covet venturing into the business world with the belief there are lots of benefits, including independence and financial liberation. 

Frankly, it is not a sector that you can just wake up and decide to venture in. 

Not to scare you, but you ought to know that business has its share of challenges and requires grit to thrive. 

Research has shown that many new startups are cropping up, but many will die owing to the complexity of the business environment. 

Now, let’s look at some challenges that every budding entrepreneur should know earlier and be ready to tackle. 


Unhealthy Competition

One of the significant challenges faced by startups is fierce competition. 

You are likely entering into a market that has got notable players already, so you are disadvantaged before it even begins. 

The only way a new business can beat the competition is differentiation in terms of products or the services on offer. 

You should also have to have excellent and economical marketing strategies. 

This way, your business can gain the recognition needed in the market and also make its presence felt. 

Unrealistic Ambitions

Most entrepreneurs are usually very optimistic about the returns from the company as they delve into a new business. 

The expectations sometimes are very high, which may not be the reality on the ground. 

You may start a business and expect to make profits after about three months or expand to other branches after a year. 

However, the company might take an extended period just to break even. It might take more than a year before a business begins to make a profit depending on the niche. 

This is the time you need to understand that sustainability is critical and comes with consistency and vision of the business. 

It is thus essential that you have realistic expectations and be open-minded as you venture into a new business. 

IT Security

The world has now embraced technology in everything, including business operations. 

Services and products are now delivered with the aid of evolving technology, a feat that enhances efficiency. 

However, there are challenges to the use of technology. The biggest one is cybersecurity threats!

Attackers find startups vulnerable, given they don’t have proper defense resources. 

Thus, they might take advantage of the loopholes to strike. They can access employee’s information, bank accounts, confidential customer information, and records, etc. 

Yes, cyber-attacks can destroy a business before it even becomes stable. 

You can only survive as a startup if you can safeguard your business against cybercriminals, albeit on a tight budget. 

For example, you can outsource IT experts that can help protect your business.

You should also modernize your IT with the help of these experts in a way that gives your business a better chance of competing and surviving adversity. 

You don’t want a security breach to destroy your business as it has done to many startups around the world. 

Winning The Trust of The Customers

You are in business because of the customer. In other words, you need to convert more customers to grow. 

Well, one of the biggest challenges that startups face is winning the customer’s confidence and trust. 

Winning the two factors creates loyalty to the market and therefore ensures the sustainability of the business.  

One satisfied customer can be an ambassador of the company by word of mouth, resulting in the success of the business. 

On the flip side, one dissatisfied customer can create a negative effect on the business, which will directly affect sales. 

To win the trust, you have to be sensitive to customer’s needs, accept feedback, and continually work to improve products to suit the needs of the customer.


Running a business requires finances. It’s the blood of any business. 

The bigger companies might not have the finance issues since they might rely on savings, or proceeds from other established businesses. 

For any new business, things are pretty much different. Most startups have limited finances options such as investors, but it also takes intensive networking to find them. 

Additionally, new businesses do struggle due to a lack of experienced and reliable financial management strategies

In this regard, budding entrepreneurs need to be keen on financial matters, perhaps even seeking professional opinion and financial support. 


One of the most critical components in business is decision making. 

It is vital since a right decision can result in the success of the company, while a bad one can lead to failure and even closure. 

These decisions entail things like the choice of partners, products, and finances, etc. As a new entrepreneur, you must be prepared to make the hard and critical decisions in the business. 

Again, learn to take time to analyze the situation and seek expert opinion where you can.


keep your business insured

If you are a budding or aspiring entrepreneur, you should be prepared to face the hurdles. 

Be ready to handle challenges such as finances, IT security, winning new customers, and competition from the big companies, and so much more. 

You need to have a sound business plan, a business acumen, plus you ought to seek professional opinions and advice in matters such as IT, law, finances, taxes, and the likes. 

This will help you turn your startup into a success!

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