The Power Of Consistency In Business

consistency in business

Consistency can be key to success in business. 

This involves being able to stick to a certain formula and continuously meet a certain level of quality. 

Below are just a few benefits to being consistent and how you can encourage consistent behavior.

Consistency builds loyal customers

While some customers like to be continuously surprised, most loyal customers will keep coming back because of certain signature products and services that you provide. 

If you offer a large inventory of products and services that is constantly changing, consider keeping a few familiar products and services that are popular and profitable.

A consistently high level of customer service will also gain customer trust and encourage customers to return.

There are many ways to provide good customer service from knowing your product to constantly being friendly – this site offers a few tips on giving great customer service.

You can attract new customers with a clear brand identity

Consistency with brand identity is also crucial for the wider aspects of your business operations.

This is especially true for manufacturing businesses which require a lot of raw materials.

For example, whether you prefer to ‘grow’ your materials or purchase them wholesale from china, you need to maintain consistency in the quality of the materials you choose. 

To save costs, small business owners are often tempted to settle for using a certain amount of low quality materials, but this only results in inferior products and loss of trust with your customers.

If you’re opting for low-quality materials for the purposes of affordability, then maybe find other ways of cutting costs as it may well prove to be a bad idea to try to mix low and high-grade materials.  

Using the same brand name, logo, color scheme and tone of voice in your marketing can help to create familiarity if consumers continuously see your adverts – which can help to build trust and attract new customers.

Decide which elements will make up your brand and keep to a style guide. 

Tools like can help you to maintain certain branding when producing documents. Videos, display ads, and your website should also follow a distinctive style.

It’s easier to train employees

In order to consistently meet a certain quality of work, it helps to establish a formula. 

This could be a recipe when serving a meal, a script when talking to people on the phone or a routine when operating industrial machinery. 

This allows you to follow a tried and tested method of success.

Such formulae can be very important when training employees. If you don’t have a formula in place, employees will make up their own routines and you could displease customers by not providing the product or service that they’ve come to expect.

Certain consistent routines could also be important for the health and safety of your employees.

Small measures such as getting employees to bend at the knees when lifting heavy boxes or wearing PPE when dealing with chemicals could prevent injuries. delves more into the benefits of health and safety protocol for employees.

But be wary of being too rigid

While consistency is important, there are times when changes are needed. When something isn’t working, you need to be able to change it in order to improve your business. 

You could find that a once successful product falls out of popularity or that technology enables a process to be done faster. 

In these cases, you don’t want to be stuck using old and ineffective methods for the sake of consistency.

Variety can also be important for motivating yourself and your employees. While routines can be important, make sure that you’re finding new ways to keep work engaging. 

This could include finding new ways to entertain employees and offering the opportunity of progression or to learn new skills.  

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