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Surely you have seen youngsters these days exploding as entrepreneurs these days. Among them is a young man named Ricky Guiterrez. Ricky is a 24 year old day trader from Arizona. You may have seen him featured on a YouTube video making $11,000 in just 24 hours. Safe to say the young man has done quite well for himself.

Ricky has become a YouTube sensation through teaching other traders his strategies either on his YouTube channel or his “Learn Plan Profit” course. Ricky took his talents of trading penny stocks and bought his first house at the age of 20 and claims to make north of six million dollars a year. Along with day trading Ricky also invests in real estate, car flipping, and has a series of online businesses.

Why Should You Care?

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In today’s society, anyone with internet and some ambition can get an online business off the ground. Having all of these business resources easily accessible can also lead to lazy entrepreneurs cutting corners and misleading people.

If you are looking to jump into any business venture the quickest way to excel is finding a mentor and tweaking it in your own way. There are hundreds of thousand day traders that have paid money in order to make Ricky their day trading mentor.

The question however is, are these people in good hands? Or just victim to a clever boondoggle?

So What’s The Deal?

Ricky is educating inspiring day traders through his program called LPP or “Learn Plan Profit”. For a price of $299 you can enroll in this course and be well on your way to learning how to trade like Ricky…or will you?

According to fellow day trader Patrick Wieland, Ricky Guiterrez is nothing more than a fraud. Now Wieland has admitted that Ricky offered to buy his ex-girlfriend a plane ticket to Arizona for “a good time” so his opinion may be a little biased.

However, the reason you are learning about Wieland today is because he actually makes a valid point. He simply asks that if Ricky is as profitable as he say he is, then how come he has never shown a audited broker statement? Ricky’s alleged response to this claim was that he wants to keep his finances private.

This is typically a reasonable answer but there is only one problem. Almost all of Ricky’s trading videos consist of him telling you how much money he made anyway. So what would be the issue of showing the broker statement.

How Should You Know Who To Believe?

Now there is the million dollar question. If you are looking to jump start you career as a trader should you risk taking a chance on Ricky’s trading program. Although Patrick Wieland has a valid question that deserves an answer, he never actually joined Ricky’s trading program.

Along with his clear bias against Ricky Guiterrez, him not actually enrolling in the program makes his testimony just a tad fickle. Another trader who had a year of experience before joining LPP also had some input of his own. He goes by “Stock Talk” on his respective YouTube channel.

Mr. Stock Talk claims that he left solely because there were too many obnoxious traders in the group chat. After becoming tired of this group chat, he moved to one of Ricky’s more private chat group. Mr. Stock Talk then realized that the this chat room also began to get infested with complainers and bad energy.

Mr. Stock Talk also explained that Ricky Guiterrez was only available for about 45 minutes to an hour everyday. If you are paying $300 to learn a skill you would probably want a little more attention. Due to the large amount of students Ricky has no possible way of helping each and every person out.

Mr. Stock Talk claims that approximately 90 percent of the information that Ricky gives to the chat members is also available on his YouTube channel. This means as long as you have internet connection you could do your own due diligence and learn the trading strategies yourself. Mr. Stock Talk says that if you are a beginner trader than it may be a worthwhile investment.

Honestly, Ricky has already made a huge amount of money from his courses. This is probably why he does not care that you see his material for free on YouTube. He may have realized the direction of his chat and chose to put information on YouTube to collect revenue streams.

However, despite all of the criticism Mr. Stock talk does go on to say that he has learned a lot of valuable information from Ricky. Mr. Stock Talk says that he learned trading discipline. He talks about how he learned be patient enough for a stock to just begin its rise before buying.

Where Should You Go To Learn Trading?

Quite simple. Go to his YouTube channel. It would be much wiser to just subscribe to his YouTube channel rather than spending $300 on a program. Sure you are in a chat with like minded people but that is what YouTube’s comment section is for. You can network on there just like a chat room, especially on live streams.

Ricky has over 600k subscribers so the guy must be doing or saying something right. You can learn his trade strategies for free and use that $300 to test the waters yourself. Remember no matter who you decide to follow or allow to mentor you, there is no teacher like experience.

Even though Rick may have a level of transparency to his trades, he probably is not going to show you what makes him maximum profits. That just would not be the

actions of an astute businessman. You can still learn strategies and concepts that can make you money. If you are looking to master a craft or skill then you should be reading up on everything and listening to everything possible.

Take notes from what makes sense to you and throw out what doesn’t. Not to say stay in your comfort zone but you these trade gurus are just guides not absolute messiahs.

When Should You Subscribe?

Right now.

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