7 Secrets To Building Powerful Backlinks With Content Marketing


Everyone knows how important it is for businesses to rank on top of the search results. 

Simply speaking, if you are not there, you cannot expect to get potential customers to your website and reach your growth targets.

And when it comes to achieving these goals, you need to build high-quality backlinks for your website. 

When quality links point to a particular site, they pass trust signals to search engines. 

Further, they indicate that the site has valuable information for the users. Obviously, search engines are happy to have such a site on top rankings.

Now it is clear that you need powerful backlinks if you want your website to win the SEO game. 

The next concern would be about the best measures to build such quality links and this is where content marketing emerges as the most effective tactic. 

No wonder, brands, and businesses are keen to go the extra mile for producing quality content and having it published on relevant, authoritative sources. 

So what do you need to ace the content marketing game? Great content, of course! 

Let us share some secrets to creating high power content that gets you valuable backlinks.

1. Invest in Amazing Guest Posts

To begin with the basics, no link building campaign can succeed without guest posting. 

Unless you have the most amazing guest posts on the authoritative sites and blogs in your niche, you will not be able to have a strong backlink profile. 

So the first thing you need to do is to identify the influencers in your niche, reach out to them and pitch them with engaging topics for guest posts. 

Keep trying until you convince them and create incredible pieces of content for guest posting once they are ready to publish your posts. 

All the hard work is worthwhile because you get a value-adding backlink once the post is published on an authority blog.

2. Capitalize on Trending Topics


Another smart way to create high-value backlinks with quality content is by capitalizing on trending topics. 

Obviously, anything that is trending is likely to be searched by the audience. If you already have a content piece live on such a topic, you are bound to get a winning edge over the competitors. 

Connecting the trending topic with your core offerings is a good idea because it fuels up the relevance of the content and makes it better from the search ranking perspective. 

You can get started by looking for trending keywords and topics and weaving informative content pieces around them. 

3. Win With Newsjacking

Think beyond the conventional and weave an engaging content piece around a specific news story that is making it big right now. 

Newsjacking is a great opportunity to capitalize on, provided that you are able to find a story that is relevant to your niche and has juicy information. 

The best part is that you can leverage the content for earning numerous links as anything that is buzzing is link-worthy. 

While bloggers would be happy to link with such pieces, the common audience may actually share it across their social profiles as well. So you end up getting more than you expected! 

4. Create In-Depth Guides 

Another effective measure for acing the backlink game is by creating in-depth guides that serve real value for the users. 

Authority websites are often keen about linking to the sources that offer facts and statistical data, explain best practices and deliver an authoritative stance on a specific topic. 

For this reason, including in-depth content forms such as guides in your SEO backlink strategy makes sense. 

By creating guides that dig deep into specific topics, you build resources that the audience would love and publishers would be happy to have on their sites.

5. Write How-To Resources 

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Like in-depth guides, how-to resources make another good way to earn valuable and sustainable backlinks for your website. 

Look for evergreen information that appeals to both publishers and readers. 

One thing that you need to ensure while creating how-to resources is to make them easy and simple to understand. 

This can be done with a step-by-step guide for explaining processes. Anything that solves a pain point or teaches something is considered user-friendly. 

Since search engines prioritize user-friendliness as a ranking factor, the link is bound to get you on top of search rankings. 

Moreover, you can expect users and influencers to share it as well.

6. Leverage New and Original Data

The internet offers a massive amount of information and you need to give something extra special to stand apart. 

Anything that is new and original definitely gives you a head start and makes your content extremely link-worthy. 

While such pieces have the engagement value for the readers, publishers too are happy to share any data that is new and interesting. 

If you have unique statistics or facts to share, they will definitely link back to your piece as the source of the information. 

Obviously, this is a smart way to earn a high-value backlink without a lot of hard work. 

However, you need to make sure that the facts and stats you mention are genuine and credible.

7. Don’t Forget The Power of Long-Form Content

Last but not the least, you cannot ignore the value of long-form content when it comes to creating a successful content marketing strategy. 

Extensive, extremely thorough pieces have better odds of getting quality backlinks from trusted sources. 

Any article that crosses the thousand-word threshold and contains rich information is great from this perspective. 

You can add more spice by including features such as charts, graphs, and images that make the content more illustrative and reader-friendly. 

You will notice that longer and richer pieces get more shares as compared to ones that are shorter. 

Obviously, you gain both, number and quality of backlinks with such an approach.

The Bottomline… 

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Without any doubt, quality content is the catalyst that fuels a successful backlink building plan. 

Building low and mediocre quality links is a sheer waste of time and will just add to numbers. 

Rather, you need to think beyond the ordinary and be very selective about the backlinks you build. 

A smart content strategy can be a game-changer and these ideas can make all the difference in this context. 


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