What Are The Different Types of Marketing?

types of marketing

Businesses to exist, distinguish, highlight, and astonish need strategies known as marketing strategies to achieve the defined goals.  

The strategies are required for small businesses, newly established businesses, succession businesses, and businesses that have a long history in the market too. 

These strategies include leadership strategies, employee management strategies, in-house handling strategies, goals achieving strategies, and, most importantly, marketing strategies. 

Marketing strategies, however, if dealt separately, are the milestones for the success and profit earning chart of the business. 

Marketing types, however, involve:

  • above the line,
  • below the line
  •  catalog
  • digital
  • ethnic
  • field
  • global
  • industrial
  • mobile
  • newsletter
  • etc. 

Other types include ”online,” real-time,” retail,” social media,” technical,” vertical,” etc. the viral and trendy type of marketing in the contemporary technological world, however, is digital marketing. 

For this purpose, there is assistance available online, especially with the online marketing gurus. The purpose of SEO companies is to present and increase online sales and offline customers.

Online Marketing Gurus (OMG) was established in 2012 with the purpose of making websites of companies simple for the consumers and profitable for their clients. 

Having a global approach, a company can easily search for local SEO companies near me to get the benefit and earn the profit. 

SEO, moreover, catapults the company’s rating due to which it appears on top of the screen when a consumer searches online.  

Depending on search results, the consumer then contacts the company on the contact number available online on the website. Both the online and walking customers can easily be entertained and assisted in their queries. 


marketing for business

To attract consumers, business companies use different marketing strategies. These strategies not only boost the sales of the company but uplift the morale of employees and the trust of the consumers as well. 

Perfect marketing, along with product price settlements and quality and risk control management are different sub-parts of the marketing strategy. 

Below are the types of marketing that are effective, in trend, and 100% result guaranteed as well. 

  1. Above the line marketing

This is the type of marketing and publicity done on TV, radio, and the internet. Adds are made of 30-60 seconds generally to attract the consumers of every age.  

Selecting medium, moreover, from any of them, is tricky and assisted by many professional agencies. The trend of watching TV and listening to the radio has generally been recorded as low as compared to using the internet since its invention. 

Therefore, the perfect platform of advertising to target the right consumers and their needs is mandatory in this line. 

2. Acquisition marketing

The acquisition is the type of marketing strategy that brings in new customers by addressing and fulfilling their needs. 

This, however, takes double the cost to attract and sell the same product to the new customer than to the old one. 

This includes targeted and uncomplicated content, emails, and search engine optimization features. 

SEO is the best example of an acquisition strategy that is followed by proper process planning and implementing steps to improve search engine rankings. This is to have more online traffic as well. 

3. Brand marketing

example of brand adverstising

Each business has an inspiring story of starting up, followed by a logo that attracts the consumers as well. 

Brands then market in the name of their logo, design, and not certainly the product. 

Brand marketing can be of any company selling mobiles, clothes, electrical appliances, home appliances, cosmetics, fashion accessories, etc. Shell, PSO, Coca-Cola, iPhone, McDonald’s, KFC, Daraz, etc. are the brands that do digital and print brand marketing. 

4. Buzz marketing

As the name identifies, it is the type of marketing that is to create a hype of the product.

A trailer, teaser for the product in a humorous, exciting, and dramatic way is revealed. The trailer, etc. can be on social media platforms or on mass media. 

This marketing is appealing, results guaranteed, but much risky as well as the anticipation of the product can be positive and negative both if found discriminatory or discouraging to others. 

The super bowl buzz marketing strategy is the perfect example of this category. 

5. Catalog marketing

An old but authenticated marketing strategy to attract consumers directly is catalog marketing. 

In this catalog, printed in a digital way or in hardcopy display the list of the products by size, by price, by year or by season, etc. catalogs are emailed to the subscribers of the company or regular clients as well. 

Many brands selling home appliances, shopping malls, and clothing brands have catalog printed for their customer’s ease. 

6. Celebrity marketing

Celebrity marketing is one of the effective and sales guaranteed ways of marketing. By celebrity endorsing a product, fan-base of a certain product is increased, enhancing its demand and supply. 

Many electronics, food, cosmetics companies, etc. use this way to market their product. While celebrities depending on the budget and the right choice of the brand can be both national and international as well. 

7. Digital marketing

SEO digital marketing

The most effective way of marketing nowadays is digital marketing. 

In this way, advertisement is done through the internet, TV, radio, smartphones, tablets, etc. to promote the product and its services. 

This is the money-saving marketing type in which customers can be entertained personally as well. 

This, if used perfectly, enhances brand loyalty as well. The other names of it can be global, social, internet marketing. 

8. Direct marketing

Direct marketing is the way to engage with consumers directly. 

This direct engagement can be through promotional and new launch information messages, calls, emails, brochures, flyers, and letters. 

This not only includes certain product details but a catalog having all product details with name and prices and regularly updated models.

9. Ethnic marketing

Ethnic marketing endorsing diversity and cultural marketing is the best way to boost the sales of the company. 

Many cosmetics and food companies use the cultural products that are native, specialized, but non-discriminatory to others as a tool for enhancing sales. 

10. Green marketing 

New but effective of them all is the green marketing strategy. 

Green marketing can be on social media, print media, digital media, or any other platform highlight the environment-friendly procedures in creating, producing, and even selling of the product. 

Many clothing brands, milk selling brands, cosmetic brands especially use this technique of marketing to attract consumers. 


Marketing is a basic and challenging task for a business to grow. 

There are many types of marketing, including digital, direct, green, ethnic types of marketing to attract more and more consumers. 

The most important point, however, is that a company should be aware of the right tools, techniques, and most likely results of the product after marketing. 

Moreover, a reliable source of marketing should be preferred and regularly updated. 

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