No more driving away! What should you do in a hit-and-run scenario?

car accidents

Do you know in every 43 seconds, one hit and run accident occurs in the U.S.? According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety data, the highest number of such accidents was reported in April 2018. 

That’s not it!

On average more than 1800 cases of hit and run cases are reported in the state. And approximately 65% of the people involved in these accidents are either pedestrians or cyclists. These statistics are shocking. Right?

Generally, an accident leaves a massive impact on the mind of the victim. But to think that the driver at fault left the accident spot, makes it unbelievable and disappointing. As a matter of fact, human beings can’t have control over everything that happens. Perhaps that’s the reason why a car crash occurs. However, one has control over the steps to take after the collision.

Having said that, it is inhumane to leave the things as it is and drive away. That’s why you should take the matter into your hands and fight for what is right. If you are worried about what you should do? Then, no need to worry! Just scroll down, and you’ll learn about the steps to take!

Call the police

First of all, you need to report the accident to the police. Don’t make the mistake of going after the driver at fault. Instead, stay at the location and wait for the police. However, if possible, you should try to note down the number of license plates. It’ll help the police while investigating. In the meantime, you should also call for medical help. If the victims are severely injured, it is better to take them to the hospital.

Get in contact with the insurance company.

It might not look like a priority at the time of the collision. However, the truth is that IT IS. You should call the insurance company as soon as possible and inform them about the hit and run case. This way, they’ll start the insurance claim right at the instant. Eventually, removing the financial burden off your shoulder.

Hire a lawyer

Usually, the driver at fault runs away because they are afraid of the consequences. But, that’s not a moral thing to do, especially when it is a life and death situation. That’s why it is better to hire a lawyer to get justice. If you are not convinced, you can click here to learn more about a lawyer’s need in an accident. Nonetheless, keep in mind that it is always better to deal with civil claims than a criminal case.

Collect the evidence and the mobile number of witnesses

The next thing to do is to collect the pieces of evidence. Take photographs of the location, vehicle, and all the damage that has been done. Along with that, get the number of witnesses. They have seen what has happened. Thus their statement will play a crucial role in providing you justice. Also, try to remember the car model and the direction it came from.

To conclude!

What’s done is done! You can’t change that. However, you can be practical and take the next step to get the justice you deserve. Keep in mind that the law is for your safety, so you should take its help without fear!

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