What To Do When Your Boss Won’t Pay You

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Most employers are very good at paying their team members and will handle this task on time whenever the day comes. 

If they were to ignore this, it would be very hard to convince people to work for them, and their business would quickly fall apart. 

Of course, though, this doesn’t stop some bosses from being tight with the money they owe their team members. 

Finding yourself in this position can be tough, and most people don’t know what they can do. 

To help you out, this post will be exploring the action you should take, giving you tips and ideas for each step of the way.

Talk It Over

Before you do anything serious, it will be worth talking to your employer to figure out the root of the issue. 

It might be that they haven’t been paid yet, and they simply need a few more days to iron things out. 

In other cases, they may want you to do more work for them, or may not feel like you’ve earned the money they owe you. 

As long as you’ve held up your end of the employment agreement, though, they should pay you for the work you’ve done.

Make A Formal Request

making a formal request

If they continue to refuse to pay you after you’ve spoken to them about the issue, it will be time to start looking at more serious options. 

Making a formal request for your payment can be as simple as sending a recorded letter to your boss. 

This should request the money which is owed in a polite manner, referring to the contract or agreement which you have made with them. 

This can be a good opportunity to let them know that you’re willing to be flexible and would rather talk about the issue than take it further.

Get Legal Advice

Things start to get a little trickier if they still haven’t paid you by this point. 

Legal advice will be essential to ensure that you take the right steps, and it will always be worth having your contract to hand when you do this. 

Wage theft is taken very seriously and isn’t something that businesses can play with. 

You will almost always be able to get legal support with this sort of issue, and it will be worth going down this route sooner rather than later.

Take Your Pay

Whether you have to go to court or your employer gives you the money they owe you right away, it’s crucial that you leave this without losing anything. 

Verbal contracts are taken seriously, and you don’t need to have a legally binding document to prove that someone owes you money. 

Of course, though, it will always help to have some sort of evidence at hand, especially if you work on a freelance basis.

getting paid

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to get started on the process of getting you pay when someone is refusing to give it to you. 

This process isn’t going to be an easy one, but it will be worth standing your ground to make sure that you don’t lose out.

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